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2012 NFL Season – Week 16

Last Week:7-9(.438) Best Bets: 0-3 (.000)
Season to Date: 102-120-2 (.460) Best Bets: 22-22-1 (.500)

My Christmas wish for you – to have a better week than I have with these picks.  (Even if I get all the picks correct.)  My recent track record shows that I will not get all the picks correct, but I am ever the optimist.

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
12/22 8:30 ET Atlanta -3.5 At Detroit
12/23 1:00 ET At Green Bay -12.5 Tennessee
12/23 1:00 ET At Carolina -8.5 Oakland
12/23 1:00 ET At Miami -4.5 Buffalo
12/23 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh -3.5 Cincinnati
12/23 1:00 ET New England -14.5 At Jacksonville
12/23 1:00 ET Indianapolis -7 At Kansas City
12/23 1:00 ET At Dallas -3 New Orleans
12/23 1:00 ET Washington -6.5 At Philadelphia
12/23 1:00 ET At Tampa Bay -3 St. Louis
12/23 4:25 ET NY Giants -2.5 At Baltimore
12/23 1:00 ET At Houston -8 Minnesota
12/23 4:05 ET At Denver -13 Cleveland
12/23 4:25 ET Chicago -5.5 At Arizona
12/23 8:30 ET San Francisco -1 At Seattle
12/23 1:00 ET At NY Jets -2.5 San Diego

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2012 in Review – February

February was a mixed month.  The good news was that I received an endorsement from Donald Trump’s toupee and the celebration of the fourth anniversary of this blog.

The bad news was that there were over 800 Republican debates in February and I wasn’t invited to any of them.  My father took me he was going to introduce me to Mitt Romney during CPAC.  It turned out to be a man named Mitch Rodney, who was also running for President.

February is when people realized I was too liberal to be conservative and too conservative to be liberal.  I was penned as an “extreme moderate” by myself.   I showed that I was the candidate of moderation and common sense.  (Yet I received fewer votes than either Obama or Romney.)

February was the month of TAMPON (Take All Money Political Out Now), the first and only SuperPAC to support the campaign.  As demonstrated by this ad,  they were as fiscally conservative as I am.

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