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2012 in Review – April

April started out with the joke on me and ended up being a joke.  I was hospitalized and was unable to partake in the “Orgies for Abstinence”.  I was invited to debate other third party candidates, but I did not receive the invitation until the night before the debate.  Since the debate was in Los Angeles, I was unable to attend.

The month found me defending stay-at-home moms and bashing the Cinemafia be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking and over 1000 people dying.  The “Ahmnodt Heare Meme” was introduced.  The campaign went into attack mode with aggressively mentioning my campaign on blogs supporting Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Vermin Supreme, and Justin Bieber.

The attack mode was short-lived as some of my supporters complained of getting spammed with Justin Bieber videos and robo-calls from Obama’s and Romney’s campaigns as well as one supporter receiving repeated calls from a candidate running for Dog Catcher.

April showed so much promise in the beginning, but it ended up being a big April Fool’s joke.

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2012 in Review – March

One would assume since most of the month was spent between vacation and illness, that this would be a non-productive month with no major accomplishments.  I managed to get a lot done in the few days I got to do stuff.

I became the first (and only) candidate in 2012 to devise a plan to prevent natural disasters.  Others have taken on the fight against the Cinemafia.  Then there was this cute little piece on why I would be a better candidate than any corporate cartoon character.  The high prices at supermarkets seemed to have affected me more than other candidates.

I somehow managed to run my business while I was hospitalized.  Further complications arose when my parents decided to get a separation and both planned a surprise visit to my place on the same day.  I lost the one delegate I had won for the Republican National Convention due to Republicans cheating a technicality.

March was a few moral victories sandwiching a physical defeat.  It sounds nice, but moral victories would not catapult me to the White House.

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