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2012 in Review – March

One would assume since most of the month was spent between vacation and illness, that this would be a non-productive month with no major accomplishments.  I managed to get a lot done in the few days I got to do stuff.

I became the first (and only) candidate in 2012 to devise a plan to prevent natural disasters.  Others have taken on the fight against the Cinemafia.  Then there was this cute little piece on why I would be a better candidate than any corporate cartoon character.  The high prices at supermarkets seemed to have affected me more than other candidates.

I somehow managed to run my business while I was hospitalized.  Further complications arose when my parents decided to get a separation and both planned a surprise visit to my place on the same day.  I lost the one delegate I had won for the Republican National Convention due to Republicans cheating a technicality.

March was a few moral victories sandwiching a physical defeat.  It sounds nice, but moral victories would not catapult me to the White House.


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