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Brain Freeze

I was going to write a post about a Fortune 500 company who has been implementing some of my policies.  I saw their commercial recently and thought what they were doing was a great idea.  I had forgotten why I thought that until I went to bed that evening.  The reason why I thought it was a great idea was because it was something I suggested a few years ago.  I was too tired to write about it then, but I figured I would write about it the following morning.  Then the following happened:

  • I forgot the idea I had that the company was implementing.
  • I forgot the company that was implementing my idea
  • I haven’t seen the commercial which made me think about this.

I had also hired an organizational guru.  My organizational skills are pretty good, but her’s are amazing.  The only problem is that I didn’t pay attention when she was organizing things, so It took me the last three days to find what I needed to find.  She said there was a reason why the toilet paper belonged in the dishwasher, but the reasoning escapes me.

Next Saturday will be a campaign day as I will be in Middletown, NY and Newburgh, NY.  Times and topics will be posted as soon as I find where the organizing guru placed my planner.  I remembered the towns and the date being the first Saturday in June.


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  1. Always cheered by your impeccable logic Ahmnodt! Gah, I was absent that entire semester. Damned worthless liberal education.

    Comment by Rachael C. Black | June 2, 2013

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