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You Should Have Voted For Me

Benghazi. IRS. Fast and Furious.  These are just a few scandals currently swirling around President Obama and his administration.  Mitt Romney is living a private life.  This makes it hard to find out what scandalous plans he has cooked up.  2008 Republican candidate John McCain was in Syria to give support to Al-Qaeda  Syrian rebels after showing support to Al-Qaeda rebels during the Libyan uprising.

Unlike the candidates from the other parties, my scandals did not kill innocent lives.  They didn’t even kill guilty lives.  My scandals were limited to being hooked on phonics, my inability to find a Constitutionally eligible running mate in 2008, and buying pot brownies.

People tend to vote for glitz over substance.  They think it’s more important that a president is tall than is able to properly use “your” and “you’re” in a sentence.  They’d rather vote for someone with a twinkle in their eye than for someone with a tinkle on the toilet seat.  They would rather vote for a buffoon who looks astute than for a genius who looks mentally challenged.

Remember this blog entry when you vote in 2016.  Before you vote for that stud or hottie, remember that their scandals can kill.  I would suggest that you vote for me.  My scandals are safer,



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  1. You get a total mockery of democracy like what happened in CD 31, where a liberal leaning district gets represented by a right wing Republican. I’m sure it came as a surprise to multitudes of voters who only vote in the general, that when they got to the voting booth they only had a choice between two Republicans. And even when there is a “choice” between the two parties, third parties are still completely shut out. Choosing between war profiteer Dianne Fineswine and someone who’s off the rails batshit insane, is not a choice. Now, I don’t even get to lodge a protest vote against that! They’ve taken away even the pretense of democracy.

    Comment by Sam Alexander | June 9, 2013

  2. write in a candidate or vote for Ralph Nader. He’s always on the ticket as an independent candidate. You don’t HAVE to vote for Obama or McCain, there are other choice on the ballot or you can write your name in.

    Comment by Kurtis Newton | June 18, 2013

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