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End of the Road

It is with great sadness that I am announcing that I will not be running for President.  This may be a shock to some, especially for those who were at my campaign stop in Maryland yesterday.  The reason is not because I don’t have a chance of winning.  I do have a chance because people do not want Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush as President.  They will get most of the votes (People will vote for Hillary because they don’t want Jeb and people will vote for Jeb because they won’t want Hillary.).  People will not vote for Hillary or Jeb because of who they are.

The reason why I am not running for President is simple: America is FUBAR.  There is too much wrong for me (or Hillary, Jeb, Vermin Supreme) or anyone else to fix.  The national debt will be $19 trillion by the time President Obama leaves office.  America keeps funding military groups in the Middle East who end up turning on America, making us looking to fund another military group to fight the one we built up.  The United States still allows Canadians to infiltrate the US under the guise of “entertainers.”   The economy is “improving”, but we keep lowering the bar as to what a successful economy is.  The 1950s had more homeowners with most households having only one person working.  The parents paid for their children’s college and weddings.  Now, both parents have to work (with at least one of them working two jobs,) The children have to pay for their own college and their own weddings.

The mainstream media is unreliable,  Brian Williams is OK (when he isn’t getting shot down in a fighter chopper or misremembering what is happening.)  I wouldn’t buy a $20 bill for $10 from Scott Pelley.  And who is David Muir?  Who is he?  Chris Matthews needs to retire before he gets a heart attack from people walking on his lawn.

Dave the homeless guy used to say that having a six-foot ladder won’t help if you’re in a twenty-foot hole.  The hole keeps getting bigger and the ladders keep getting shorter.  If prosperity is to come, it will come from a government that allows prosperity.  A government that doesn’t collect taxes for people owning land.  (The current method implies that the government owns all land and we’re just tenants through perpetual taxation.)  A government can’t claim to care for the poor if even the poor have to give 10% of their income in income tax and have to pay a sales tax on the non-food items they need most (like toilet paper and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.)

Do you think anybody running for office is really going to fix the country?  Do you think their policies are designed to make things easier for you?  If you think this, then Scott Pelley has a six-foot ladder that will get you out of a twenty-foot hole that he would like to sell you..

The blog will remain up until March 9.  Sometime during the day on March 9, I will pull the blog.  For the many people who have read the blog over the years, it’s been fun and thank you for being part of the fun.  I have learned a lot (and forgotten even more) and I have enjoyed the interaction.

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  1. So you’re just deleting the blog or password protecting it? So much work you’ve put into this. I’d do the later one.

    See you on the Facebook.

    Comment by Dave | March 1, 2015

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