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The House, The Senate, Obama, and the Need for Independents

The “Payroll Tax Cut” is set to expire on January 1.  President Obama wanted to extend the tax cut for another year.  The Senate passed an extension for two months.  The House passed it for a year.  Since the House and Senate passed different versions of the bill, they were supposed to have members of both chambers meet and hammer out the difference.  The problem is the Senate has adjourned for the holidays and will not return until after the New Year.  The President now wants the House to pass the Senate version, but the House refuses to vote on it.

President Obama is a Democrat and the Senate has a Democratic Party majority, but the Republican Party has a majority in the House.  This bill is being labeled as a “Jobs Bill” (though I don’t know if this is supposed to generate jobs or is a tribute to Steve Jobs.)  The problem is that recently, both Democrats and Republicans have titled bills that have nothing to do with the laws they want to pass.  This practice has to end and the only way it can end is by voting for Independents like myself.

Since people don’t want to be mislead (I could be wrong here based on the politicians people vote for and re-elect), they should vote for people who won’t mislead.  Republicans and Democrats mislead.  They have mislead and switched positions with each other time and time again.

Obama and Democrats were elected in large part to bring a quick end to the Iraq War.  Not only did that war not end quickly and we’re still fighting in Afghanistan, but he managed to send troops to Libya.  Republicans, who were against withdrawing from Iraq, questioned why we were bringing troops to Libya.  Once Gadaffi was removed, Republicans were complaining that we were leaving Libya too early and we needed more troops there.

Instead of voting for the two parties, vote for independents.  They don’t have an ever-changing party platform to cling to.  All we Independents have is our word, and if we go against our word, we won’t be re-elected as we don’t have party pundits to spin our actions or our words.


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Following the Constitution

Like most presidential candidates, I believe the president is accountable and the powers of the President should be limited to those granted in the Constitution.  Unlike the other candidates, I plan on fully limiting my powers to those granted in the Constitution.

Sadly, our last few presidents haven’t particularly cared for the Constitution.  Former President Bush called the Constitution a, “God damned piece of paper.”  He also sent and kept our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan without a formal declaration of war being declared by Congress.  Our current president is no better.  He withdrew a few troops from Iraq only to add more troops to Afghanistan.  He also sent troops to Libya on a “NATO mission.”  What a NATO mission basically means is a military action funded by the United States and fought with American troops with a foreigner in charge of military action.

I would withdraw all troops from these areas unless I receive a formal declaration of war from Congress.  Troops would be limited to Canada.  As I have stated before, a war with Canada would only be fought from 9-5 from Monday through Friday.  There would be no war on weekends or holidays.  If I can’t be bothered with crap on weekends and holidays, our troops shouldn’t be bothered either.  This is leadership by example.

I will only serve two terms (unless I am not reelected).    Americans will be encouraged to practice free speech against the Canadian government.  Freedom of religion will be recognized to all Christians (even Baptists.)  The Constitution is the law of the land and I can live with that.

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President Obama said something about Afghanistan, but i couldn’t catch it because my computer is acting up.

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Things I Have Noticed

There are some things going on in Washington that I have been keeping my eye on.  None of it is making any sense to me.  If it’s making sense to you, please let me know.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the Pentagon, and the White House are not on the same page as it applies to Afghanistan.  Not only are they not on the same page with each other, they are not on the same page with me.  I would have spent less time in Afghanistan and Iraq and more time in Canada.  If I won the election in 2008, not only would I have withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan, but I would be in the beginning stages of withdrawing from Canada by now.

I heard in the news that fewer doctors are accepting Medicare and Medicaid because of the decreased payments that Medicare and Medicaid are willing to pay doctors.  My “Apple-a-Day” program would have been fully implemented.

The BP oil disaster would have been handled differently.  As Commander-in-Chief, I have to protect America from all enemies, oil and domestic.  I would have encouraged those who wanted to help clean up the oil to clean up the oil.  If I couldn’t get enough people to volunteer, I would have reinstated the draft until every last drop of oil is out of the Gulf of Mexico.

Reminder:  Don’t forget to listen to my radio show tonight at 10:00PM Eastern.

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Foreign Policy Video

I am honored to have world renowned talk-show host Larry King explain my foreign policy in layman’s term.

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Time is Running Out (Orgies for Abstinence II)

I would like to say that I am pleased with the response Orgies for Abstinence II is getting.  But this doesn’t mean that I get to rest on my laurels.  In order to spread abstinence across this great land of ours, we need more people at these orgies.

I truly believe that the best way to promote abstinence is through orgies.  I get my thinking from the military.  The military believes the only way to being peace in the Middle East is by fighting there.  Ask any Iraqi or Afghani the military will allow you to ask, and they will tell you that all these years of fighting has brought peace to their communities.

Come join an “Orgies for Abstinence” event near you.  If you can’t find one in your area, then you can start your own and invite your friends.  The date is next Friday April 9 starting at 9:00PM.  Fun for the whole family!

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Obama the Cinemafioso

I have come to the conclusion that President Obama is a member of the Cinemafia.  Instead of sending troops to Canada and stopping Canada and their destruction of American entertainment, President Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan.

If President Obama had an understanding of what Canada has done to American entertainment, he would have invaded Canada soon after he was inaugurated.  Instead, he is sending more troops to Afghanistan.  The Afghans have done nothing to destroy our entertainment.  Americans tend to ignore Afghani entertainers because we as a people tend not to understand jokes told in Urdu.

Instead of planning sessions on an invasion of Canada with top officials in the Pentagon, President Obama is entertaining Martin Sheen, Barbra Streisand, and others who benefit from the CineMafia.

Your honeymoon is over President Obama.  Americans are on to what you are doing to our country and we want it stopped now!

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