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I’m Not Ready

Former Secretary of State and Senator Hillary Clinton announced today that she is running for President.  Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have already announced that they are going to run along with Ben Carson.

As bad as things are right now, I do not know if any of these people can improve things, let alone getting America on track to a prosperous future.  Same goes for Jeb Bush, Elizabeth Warren, Marco Rubio, and Dave Mustaine.

It is not because these people are not capable to bring good times to America.  It is because it is not in their best interest to improve America.  They are more interested in their legacy and making sure THEY have a prosperous future than making sure that you and I do.  This is modern-day American politics at its worst.

This is my third campaign for President.  I have learned a few things in my previous campaigns.  The first thing I learned is that the only way to take money out of politics is to not put money into politics in the first place.  This belief is the reason why I do not ask for political campaign contributions.  We cannot expect a candidate to be fiscally conservative in office if he or she is not fiscally conservative on the campaign trail.  What they do on the trail is a reflection of what they will do in office.

I’m not ready for Hillary… or Ted… or Rand… or Dave (Though it would be cool if Megadeth played at my Inaugural Ball.)


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Education #gopdebate

None of the candidates mention what I have been harping on for the past three years.  Cut costs by limiting what children are taught to tools they will need and use as adults.

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Unemployment Benefits #gopdebate

If you go on a search engine, search for “Ahmnodt Heare Jobs”.  Once my jobs program is implemented, I would either increase the unemployment insurance a person pays or decrease the time someone can collect unemployment.

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Marriage #gopdebate

I believe that marriage should be between two or more consenting living adult humans.  This is regardless of gender, race, religion, job, or other discriminating factors.

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Loyalty Test #gopdebate

I will look for people who are loyal to the American people.  It is more important than being important to me, the government and almost as important as being loyal to Vanna White.

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Observation #gopdebate

Rick Santorum is concern about freedom for gays in Iran.  So we should go to war with them.  Good thing he doesn’t think gays in America should have the right to marry or he’d be bombing us too.

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Sanctions #gopdebate

I would lift all sanctions.  We need to create jobs and export stuff.  We can’t have sanctions against everybody who disagrees with us.  I would even continue trade with Canada.

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