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Debate Summary

I was a little slow towards the end of the debate and I apologize.  Forgive my bias, but I think I won the debate.

I will be commenting on President’s speech on jobs tomorrow at 7:00PM Eastern in a chat room on Facebook.  All are invited to attend and ask me questions.

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Generating Revenue Without Increasing Taxes

I am more interested in cutting spending.  But if I had no choice but to increase revenue, I would do it by taking over revenue by overthrowing countries that have a higher per capita income than the United States. Many of these countries currently have a higher tax rate than the United States and would benefit with lower taxes than they currently are paying.


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Energy and Climate Change

Climate change is a natural occurrance.   Energy does not cause climate change but its use is increased when it gets hotter or colder.

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If I wanted to attack Libya, I would do it unilaterally.  I would not have American troops led by NATO or the UN, but by an American commander.  I will impose the same philosophy withdrawing the troops out of the Middle East and into Canada.

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Liberty Mutual

It’s not part of the debates, but I like their commercials.  What comes around goes around, whether if it’s good or bad.  Let’s make it good.

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Border Security

I am against building a wall.  Not because it keeps people out, but because it keeps those who want to leave in.

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Cutting Education Funding

I think funding for education should be cut, but not from teachers’ salaries.  It should be cut in administrative costs.  The problem with education today is that the largest building in many school building is the administration building.  No learning takes place in administration buildings.  Get rid of those buildings and let the principals administer the education in their schools.

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