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SOPA and the Cinemafia

Stop Online Piracy Act

Many websites are blacking out today, meaning that websites like Wikipedia cannot be accessed.  Many blogs are not offering their usual content but are showing an image like this and explaining why they take the stand that they do.  I decided to comment because fighting SOPA, PIPA,  (and similar legislation) is why I decided to run for President in the first place.

I saw the actions the Cinemafia were taking during my days as a movie theater manager.  I took action back then to try to make going to the movies more affordable while maintaining a profit for the theater.  (I realized it was important to make a profit because I like getting paid.)  I was soon fired because I took these actions without approval from the Cinemafia.

The Cinemafia is supporting SOPA because many people are smart enough not to pay for the crap they have spewed for the last 10 years.  People are tired of paying more and more for lesser quality entertainment.  America is waking up and SOPA is the sleeping pill the Cinemafia wants you to take.

But their sleeping pill has side effects.  It causes anxiety and sleeplessness because you would soon be extremely limited in what you can post on Facebook, MySpace, Google+, or your blog.  Instead of showing the damage the Cinemafia is causing, I will have to describe it and hope people take my word for it.

Click the photo to find out more information.  The site will tell you how to contact your senators and your congressperson.  Tell them Ahmnodt Heare sent you and that he is on to them!


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Test Run Tonight!

I will be testing out live video streaming tonight.  You are cordially invited in helping me test out this new venue for the campaign.  Among other things, I will be testing out my phone service for video.


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A Great Night After All

Last night’s debate started out horribly for me.  Many people were having problems getting into my chat room on Facebook.  My telepathic channels were crammed with people who were sending messages that had nothing to do with politics and one message from a lonely man who was drooling over Michele Bachmann’s legs.  I was soon booted out of my own chat room and unable to return.

I turned to my Facebook and Twitter pages after realizing I would not be able to get into chat.  I learned a few things from going to my pages.  The first is that the people who follow me on Twitter are different than the people who follow me on Twitter.  The only things they have in common is that they both use computers or phones to access their accounts and that people would rather vote for me than any of the Republicans except for Ron Paul.

Despite missing the first 45 minutes of the debate due to chat issues, I was able to get a record number of retweets and comments on Twitter and a record number of likes and shares on Facebook.  (My previous record of shares on Facebook was zero.)

The results don’t end there.  I have more people following me on Twitter and have more friends on Facebook.  I will now split time between Facebook and Twitter and no longer blog in real-time here.

There was one thing that was said by one of the candidates last night that baffled me. (I forgot which candidate)  It wasn’t Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, or Herman Cain, but one of the others said that we need the Patriot Act to protect our liberties.  The Patriot Act erodes liberties.  This means that we need our liberties eroded to protect our liberties.  That makes no sense at all.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign team!

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A Week to Prepare

The next debate (hosted by the Heritage Foundation) is not until next Tuesday.  I will have plenty of time to prep for this debate.  I am keeping my eye on the news and am taking notes.  I will be prepared for any questions the moderators might throw at me.  (By me, I mean the other candidates, but I will treat them as if they were being asked to me.)

For example:  If someone asks Herman Cain about his 9-9-9 plan, I will treat it as if it was my plan.  My response will be something like, “It wasn’t my tax plans.  It was the answer to what the police asked how many drinks I had that night.”  I had to say “9” three times because I didn’t think anybody heard me the first two times.

I will not be limiting myself to questions asked by moderators.  I will also answer your questions live next Tuesday at 8:00PM Eastern.  I will be in my chat room on Facebook.  You don’t have to be my Facebook friend to participate, but you will need an account.  Since I will be chatting live, I will not be blogging my answers or comments in real time in this blog as I normally do.

Invite your friends to the chat.  America needs to know what I am all about and why I am obviously the best candidate for President.

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I will be laid up in bed for the next few days while I am recovering from a hamstring injury.  This will prohibit me from making the campaign events I had planned to make over the next few days.  It’s sad because I hadn’t been on the campaign trail for a while and it was yesterday that I was able to put the schedule together.

Below is the events I will not be able to attend this week:

  • Tonight – Social Networking Utilization Summit – White Plains, NY – I was supposed to give a speech on how I was able to have several tweets read on television and how having tweets read has increased the number of people following me on Twitter.  I was going to stay afterwards for the seminar on how to trend.  As popular as my campaign is becoming, #ahmnodtheare is not trending anywhere in the United States.  (Though rumor has it that #ahmnodthearesucks trends a couple times a week in Toronto and in Calgary.
  • Tomorrow – A Synopsis of Recent Weather Phenomenon – New York, NY – I was invited to speak at Columbia University to speak.  Not on what causes climate change (I have no idea) but on how (and in my speech, when) to fight climate change.
  • Thursday – Parents Without Partners – Wayne, NJ – This isn’t a traditional campaign as much as a personal stop.  But telling single moms that I am a single dad who is running for President is an ice-breaker.  It also sounds more impressive than the guy who brags about being the shift manager at Arby’s.
  • Friday – Rally in front of the FCC building – Washington, DC.  I wanted to get the word out that my name is being censored when the mainstream media is talking about presidential candidates.  Censorship is wrong (except when I need to cover my hide to better serve Americans)

I am hoping to be up and more than hopping along by Saturday.  The main obstacle is not hurting myself getting out of bed to go to the bathroom (which is how I got hurt in the first place.)

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Relapse and Rehab

I am not without my demons.  I had been spending the last three years fighting this addiction.  It started with the blog entry I was going to write yesterday about the GOP Debate and how I was going to tweet how I would have answered the questions asked to the other candidates.  There was a word I was looking for, but I couldn’t find it.

The next thing I knew, I plopped down $500 on something I thought I was done dealing with.  The word still didn’t come to my mind.  I couldn’t sleep and spent another $1,000 this morning.  Staying clean for three years just isn’t enough.  Once again, I am hooked on phonics.

I started a customized rehab program this morning.  My therapist has advised I stay away from blogging for the rest of this week.  She also said that I don’t seem to crave phonics while posting on Facebook or Twitter.  I will be tweeting and posting updates on Facebook while under constant supervision.

I will resume blogging Monday under the watchful eye of the staff here at this undisclosed clinic.  There will be no radio shows during the month of June as I used my phone money on my phonics addiction.

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Writing Dilemma (Follow @AhmnodtHeare)

I had recently adjusted my schedule to allow more time to write updates for this blog as well as Formulated Randomness.  A funny thing has happened to me since I found that time.  I have tapped into the power of Twitter.  It started with having my tweets read on TV (I have currently had three tweets read on TV.)

The problem is that I have been spending too much time on Twitter.  This is mostly because it is easier to tweet than to blog.  Tweets only require 140 characters (or less.)  Blogging has no requirements, but I usually try to type at least 200 words.  (Except when I am pressed for time and I can throw in some pictures.)

As convenient as Twitter is, I still need to blog.  The one thing blogging does better than tweeting is stay around.  If you are not online when I am tweeting, chances are that you will not read the tweet.  But if you’re not online as soon as I hit the “Publish” button on this blog, it’s no biggie.  The post will remain on the front page for a while.

If you see me tweeting, but you don’t see me blogging, give me a nudge on Twitter and I will blog.

Thank you for your continued support.

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