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Pre-Game Show

President Obama is about to give the State of the Union speech.  I have brewed a fresh pot of coffee so I can stay awake.  Among other things, I expect the President to announce that Chris Dorner was killed in a cabin fire and this will tie in to his gun control policy.

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State of the Union Address Tuesday Night

President Obama will be giving the State of the Union address tomorrow evening.  I will be commenting in real-time my take on the address as well as the Republican responses.  Later in the week, I will also be writing the State of the Union address I would have given if I was elected.

A couple of notes about tomorrow night’s entries:

  • My comments will probably be a bit more jaded than in previous State of the Union addresses in the past.  Not because I am bitter about the election, but because I am bitter about the poor start the Washington Capitals’ season and that they currently have the worst record in the NHL.  Adam Oates would have been a better coach if he was still with Darryl Hall.  Life hasn’t been the same since Hall and Oates broke up.
  • I may not watch the entire address.  I will try, but Obama bores me.  At least with Bush, there was always a chance of a gaffe.  It would be more entertaining if Joe Biden gave it for Obama, but it is what it is.
  • I have a bad habit of getting sick during addresses and debates.  I am drinking orange juice (with just a little bit of vodka) to keep healthy.

I shall return to regular blogging here on March 4.  I will remind you now that February 19 is Vanna White’s birthday and I will be unavailable for interviews due to religious observation.


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Watch Me Live Here Tonight!

I will be giving live commentary to President Obama’s “State of the Union” Address tonight.  If it happens to between 9:00PM and 10:40PM Eastern and click the video below, you will be watching me LIVE!.

You can either join the chat where I will also be fielding questions and giving shoutouts or you can leave a comment below.  I will be checking this page from time to time and also after the speech to answer questions and comments.

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Brief Poll

Today has been a busy day at the office as I met a client who has had a total of four days experience with the internet and had never had an e-mail account.  I spent the day teaching him the finer points of the internet like e-mail, social networking, and surfing the web for improtant stuff like news, business, and porn.

Tonight at 9:ooPM Eastern is a debate on NBC.  I will once again be taking to Twitter and Facebook giving how I would respond to the questions as well as giving my cutting-edge commentary on the other candidates.  I have been criticized by some people for not being hard on Ron Paul on debates.  This is mostly because he isn’t asked as many questions as the other candidates.

I want to do something different and I would appreciate your input.  My campaign is all about anyway.  The “State of the Union” address is tomorrow night.  There is a debate on Thursday night.  I want to comment live on AhmnodtTV for either the State of the Union tomorrow or the debate on Thursday.


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Odds and Ends and Stuff

A lot has happened this past week and things have changed this week.  I was campaigning in New York State and felt the wrath of Mother Nature (Believe me, it was a mother!)  Many of my campaign stops had to be postponed or canceled.  I decided not to moderate a debate on global warming and climate change because it was in Rochester, NY and every time there is a big conference on global warming, it gets canceled due to snow.  They were calling for snow in Rochester over the weekend and I didn’t want to get stuck.

Saturday was my travel day (back home).  Sunday was football, football, and more football.  The traveling I have done in recent weeks has paid a toll on my car.  It will be in the shop tomorrow for car repairs, an oil change, and one of those pine-tree scented air fresheners.

Tomorrow is the State of the Union Address.  When I conducted a poll last week, I was under the impression that the address was going to be at 8PM Eastern.  I was mistaken.  (It happens)  The speech will be at 9:00PM Eastern.This will be my schedule:

  • Tuesday 9PM Eastern – I will blog my reactions to the State of the Union address as well as the Republican response by Rep. Paul Ryan and the Tea Party response by Rep. Michele Bachmann.
  • No radio show Tuesday Night – it has been moved to Thursday Night 9:00PM Eastern.  The show will start off with my “State of the Union Address.”  I will also summarize President Obama’s State of the Union address as well as responses by Reps. Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann as well as the homeless guy from down the street.

I am back home and things are starting to return to normal.  (By “normal”, I mean the way things were two weeks ago.)  I will try to blog every day, but cannot promise it will be in the “Post-a-Day 2011” campaign by WordPress standards.

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State of the Union Poll

Next Tuesday is the annual “State of the Union” address.  President Obama will be giving his address to Congress.  (Hint:  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20500)  I have blogged my comments in real time to the last two State of the union addresses.  I didn’t have a radio podcast show to deal with.

Here is the poll question:  

Polling will end soon.

NOTE:  Next Tuesday’s show will start a half-hour later than normal.  (9:30PM Eastern)

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In Case You Missed It

In case you missed President Obama’s State of the Union address tonight, the links below contain my comments to points he mentioned in the speech.  In order to read it in the order the speech was given, you have to click on the links from the bottom – up.

  • Closing Thoughts
  • Gays in the Military
  • Sanctions
  • Now I am Confused
  • The Blame Game
  • Ticking Off the Supreme Court
  • I Missed Something
  • You Lie!
  • President Obama
  • Health Insurance Reform
  • Improving Schools
  • Clean Energy
  • Financial Reform
  • Quick Observation
  • Jobs Creation
  • Cut Taxes
  • Bank Bailouts
  • Change
  • Reacting to the Economy
  • As Stated in the Constitution
  • The Announcing of the President
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