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Northern Chill

There isn’t much I want to write about today involving politics.  I will dedicate this video for the people in the northern United States who are currently going through this arctic blast that the Canadians dumped on us.

It reached 18 degrees today here in southern Delaware and a low tonight near 0.


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There Comes a Time

There are times that no matter how correct someone is about a political issue, that person becomes wrong when using a tragedy to promote their political agenda.  There will be a time for that discussion in a few days.  Until that time comes, I will let the people who need to mourn from the killings in Newtown, CT their chance to mourn in peace.

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Dug up Doing Research

Other Write-in votes 206,250 for 0.16%, (Source: http://www.dcpoliticalreport.com/members/2008/pres08.htm)

206,250 people voted for one of the people below. While it doesn’t tell how many voted for each candidate, it means that my winning Saguache County in Colorado is at least possible. If the votes were distributed evenly, that would amount to 996 votes per candidate. I received 475 votes from Saguache County (which was enough to win.)  https://ahmnodtheare.wordpress.com/2008/11/15/president-of-saguache-county-co/

Below are the recipients of the 206,250 votes.

Steve Adams (WI-KY), Thomas Wayne Allen (WI-NC) Yul L. Anderson (WI-CA), Blake Ashby (WI-MO), Warren Roderick “Bob” “Warren G.” Ashe (WI-VA), Mike Bay (WI), Citzen’s Party candidate William David Beadles (WI-CA) Carl Durantye Belle (WI-AL), William F. Berg (WI-NY), Sheila Bilyeu (WI-VA), David Michael Bishop (WI-CA), Greg Black (WI-TX), John Douglas Blyth (WI-IL), Proudican Party nominee / businessman Bruce D. Bongardt (WI), John K. Bootie (WI-PA), An American Party candidate Matthew Jay Borman (A-FL), Jacques Yves “Chief Jack” Boulerice (WI), Clark B. Braxton (WI-CA), Webster B. Brooks III (WI-CT), Jeffrey Earl Brown (WI-OH), Robert Brown (WI-WV)
1 vote, Dan Byron Canfield (WI-AR), Jerry Leon Carroll (WI-CA), Myrtle Charlotte Montomery Carlyle (WI-CA), Real Food Party candidate James “Jimmy” Harlin Carter (WI-FL), Patrick Cazneau (WI-CA), Janice Marie Chase (WI-NV), Jeanne Chebib (WI-DC), Liza Dawn Cherricks (WI-DE), Andrew Clarke (WI-MI), Richard H. Clark (WI-MD), Todd Marvin Clayton, Jr (WI-WA), Don Cordell (WI-CA), Michael James Cortney (WI-WI), Eric L. Creviston (WI-IN), Claire Elisabeth Fields “America, Peach” Cruise (WI-GA), Hugh Cort, III (WI-AL), Balance Party candidate Orion Karl Daley (WI-NY), Christopher J. Dardzinski (WI-MI), Elvena E. “Pee Wee” Lloyd-Duffie (I-IL), Michael Christopher Dutcher (WI-MI), Earnest Lee Easton (WI-NE), Michael David Elder (WI-TX), Max Englerius (WI-WA), U.S. Marijuana Party candidate Cris Ericson (WI-VT), Nick Farmer (WI-IN), Clarita “Chi Chi” Fazzari (WI-CA), Vinnie Ferrari (WI-DC), Bennie Lee “Ben” Ferguson (WI-KS), Richard Earl Fleharty (WI-OK), Quay Fortuna (WI-IA), Elizabeth Mason Frothingham (WI-KS), Ronald “John Galt Jr.” Gascon (WI-PA), attorney Ida Cecilia Garza (I-TX), Mark B. Graham (WI-FL), Peter Samuel “Pete” Grasso, Jr. (WI-VA), Jon A. Greenspon (WI-CA), United Fascist Union Party Jackson Kirk Grimes (WI-MD), American Independent Party candidate Dr. Don J. Grundmann (AI-CA), software developer Leonard F. Grundy (WI-NC), Leonard C. Habermehl (WI-KY), William Long Hale (WI-DC), Vincent S. Hamm (WI-CO), Alex Hammer (I-ME), Dennis M. Hanaghan (WI-OH), Bob W. Hargis (I-OK), Curtis Hayward (WI-TX),Ahmnodt Heare (WI), John Robert Henry (WI-PR), Cassandra Anna Hefton (WI-GA), Samuel B. Hoff (WI-DE), National Socialist Movement nominee Brian Holland (Nazi-VA), Yonyuth Hongsakaphadana (WI-MA), William Michael “Bill” Ingram (WI-WI), Independent American Party candidate Paul Jensen (IA-WI), Stanton T. Jolley (WI-CT), Arnold Matthew Jones (WI-UT), Robert Coleman Jorgensen, Jr. (WI-NC), Daniel Kingery (I-AZ), Steve Kissing (I-OH), Mark Klein (WI-CA), David A. Koch (WI-UT), William R. Koenig (WI-VA) withdrew, Thomas J. Kozee, Jr. (WI-OH), Yaphet Kotto (WI-CA), “Lou” Kujawski (R/WI-OH)
1 vote, Christopher Lafontaine (WI-VA), God Johan Josephe Lally (WI-VT), Jared Benjamin Lee (WI-UT), American New Genesis Party candidate Joseph Felix Leonaitis (WI-MS), Michael Stephen Levinson (WI-NY) Bradley K. “Brad” Lord-Leutwyler (WI-NV), farmer/rancher Ron Lowhorn (I), Steven Douglas Mabey (WI-UT), Thermodynamics Law Party candidate Doug MacDuff, Ph.D. (WI), ’06 Senate candidate Kenneth A. “Ken” Marcure (WI-MT), West Marcus (WI-AL), inventor Joseph Martyniuk (WI-IL), Mike Benjamin Martisko (WI-PA), David J. Masters (WI-NC), Charles T. Maxham (WI-NJ), James H. McCall (WI-OH), Laura Jane McCumber (WI-TX), Denise McSheffrey (WI-MA), Megally Z. Megally (WI-CA), Joseph C. Miechowicz (WI-CA), Hubert Billy Miles, Jr. (WI-MO), Tom Millican (WI-NC), Omar Jones Monahan (WI-PA), Brian J. Moran (WI-AL), Michael Moriarty (WI-AL), Phillip W. Morrow (WI-TX) James Mote (WI), Sovereign American Party candidate Howard Louis Moxham (WI-FL), George C. Nelson (WI-CA), Alfred E. Neuman (WI), Sandra Queen Noble (WI-AL), Nobody (WI), Lawrence A. Obern (WI-MD), engineer Jerry Odom (I-KS), Joe Oliva (WI-NY), Free Party nominee Silver Persinger (WI-VA), New U.S. Party Matthew D. Pinnavaia (WI-CA), Jeffrey Charles “Petro” Petkevicius (WI-LA), Deshon “Big D” Porter Sr (WI-NJ), James Prattas (WI-HI), National Union party Madison Augustine Primus (WI-NY), ’04 Gov candidate / ’06 Gov. candidate Charles G. “Bud” Railey (WI-WV), Arthur J. Regan (WI-MA), Burton Rideway (WI-FL), Ralph Marshall Robinson (WI-IN), Paul Russell Rosenberger (WI-CA), Gary Rostad (WI-CA), Gary W. Ruff (WI-TX), prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs (WI-NY), Cameron Sadovsky (WI-TX), Larry Joseph Schuetter (WI-CA), Vampire, Witches & Pagan Party Jonathon A. “The Impaler” Sharkey (WI-NJ), Christopher Popham Smith (WI), Neo-Whig Party nominee Kip Smithy (WI-NV), Michael Sugerman (WI-CA), Charles Joseph Leo Symonds III (WI-CA), Jan Arden Sykes (WI-WV), Edward Anthony Szynalski (WI-IL), Nanci Jean Taylor (WI-FL), ’96 & ’04 nominee American Party nominee Diane Beall Templin (IA-CA) Independent American Ben Thompson (WI-MN), Linda A. Tompkins (WI-FL), American Fascist Party candidate Seth Tyrssen (WI), Light Party candidate Da Vid (WI-CA), Ray P. Vinzant, Sr (WI-AZ), Hugh Wallace (WI-NC), George Washington, Jr. (WI), James Louis Dezort Watchman (WI-OR), Family Value Party Thomas “Tom” Wells (WI-FL), ’04 congressional candidate Lisa Weltman (WI-MI), Carl “Two Feathers” Whitaker (WI-TN), Jomo K. Manual Williams (WI-NY), Rick Williams (WI-TN), Kelcey Brian Wilson (WI-CA), Ruth Bryant White (WI-NV), Robert B. Winn (I-AZ), Gene Zarwell (WI-MD), General Zod (WI-TX),

I would like to thank the approximately 996 people who voted for me in 2008.  2012 promises to be a better year with better results.

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Attention Winston-Salem

If you live in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, check out Barnhill’s soon.  Barnhill’s is a bookstore that also sells wines and has wine-tastings of the finest North Carolina wines.  Displays from area artists will also be featured.  Book authors will be stopping by to sign books including Claire Collins.

Be sure you tell the staff that Ahmnodt Heare sent you!

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Not Much Going On

Today is a slow day.  There are no updates on “Orgies for Abstinence“.  The CineMafia hasn’t done anything newsworthy lately.  Vanna White is still as lovely and talented as ever.  There is no confirmation or denial of my status of becoming the Hobo Party candidate for President.

It is for these reasons that I have decided not to write a blog entry for today.  I am sorry that there is nothing for you to read today and nothing for you to comment.  I am confident things will change tomorrow.

NOTE:  A special apology is in order for David, who I know was looking forward to read something I was going to blog about today.

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Amazing Artwork

For those who are new to my campaign, I like various forms of art.  I have blogged about the incredible work of Julian Beever in the past.  I was reading today’s New York Post when I saw another incredible artist.

Alyssa MonksThe artist’s name is Alyssa Monks.  What makes this photo so amazing that it isn’t a photo, but a painting. Check out more of her works at http://alyssamonks.com/port.asp.

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Oops, I Forgot Something

It occurred to me during last night’s Titans-Steelers game that I forgot to post my weekly NFL picks.  I will pick games against the point spread.  My picks are in bold.  The three picks I feel most confident in picking will have an asterisk.

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
9/13 1:00 ET At Atlanta -4 Miami
9/13 1:00 ET At Baltimore -13 Kansas City
9/13 1:00 ET Philadelphia -2.5 At Carolina*
9/13 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -4 Denver
9/13 1:00 ET Minnesota -4 At Cleveland*
9/13 1:00 ET At Houston -4.5 NY Jets
9/13 1:00 ET At Indianapolis -7 Jacksonville
9/13 1:00 ET At New Orleans -13 Detroit
9/13 1:00 ET Dallas -6 At Tampa Bay
9/13 4:15 ET At Arizona -6.5 San Francisco
9/13 4:15 ET At NY Giants -6.5 Washington
9/13 4:15 ET At Seattle -8.5 St. Louis
9/13 8:20 ET At Green Bay -3.5 Chicago

Monday Night Football Point Spread

9/14 7:00 ET At New England -11 Buffalo*
9/14 10:15 ET San Diego -9.5 At Oakland


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