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Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue

This puzzle is supposed to say "Occupy Wall Street." But occupying Wall Street is puzzling when the laws are written on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I support free speech.  That being said, I have a problem with Occupy Wall Street.  It’s not so much that Wall Street is being occupied as it is that the wrong street is being occupied.  We should be occupying Pennsylvania Avenue.

Wall Street does not write laws.  They only buy people to write laws for them.  The people who write the laws that benefit Wall Street more than Main Street work on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.  They are the ones that Wall Street buys through “lobbying”, which is not to be confused with bribery (when you or I do the same thing.)

It was Congress and the Presidents (present and former) who have allowed money to get involved in politics.  It was them who allowed  banks to get the power and money they must enjoy.  Wall Street won’t change things just because we want them to change things.

Washington is currently talking about cutting the budget.  While I agree the budget is too big, it’s where the cuts are going to take place that concerns me.  The budget cuts are going to go towards social programs, but not administration of government (which is the largest cost of government.)  There are no plans to check into why it costs so much to run a government office.

Pennsylvania Avenue is pretty long.  We will need a lot of people to occupy it.  Together we can right this country.


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Too Smart to Hold Office?

I received a very interesting e-mail this morning.  The e-mail came with a link saying that many of today’s politicians did not do well in college.  I graduated St. Thomas Francis University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.  While I wasn’t Magna Cum Laude, I wasn’t Mega Cum Stain either.  My GPA was a respectable 3.54 with more A’s than C’s.

Those with poor grades include our current vice-president (I think it’s Joe Biden) and the former President and Vice President.  Also included are a couple of my competitors (Rick Perry and Sarah Palin), and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

There aren’t a lot of popular politicians who are smart.  There aren’t too many smart politicians who are popular (at least popular enough to win elections.)  While I figure out which category I fit in, I will let you know that I am striving for being both smart and popular.

I will be heading to Wall Street this week.  Rumor has it that there is a strong demographic group for me to campaign to.  My work schedule is tomorrow and Wednesday, but Thursday should be light enough to make a trip to New York City.  With some luck, I can inspire some smart people to run for office and we can stop electing idiots.


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Ahmnodt Heare’s Job Program

Maybe it is just me, but you don’t revive the economy by giving large amounts of money to companies who are laying off employees and to banks who are not loosening lines of credit.  I have revealed portions of my plan in the past.  Today, I will tidy it all up.

My Bailout plan I mentioned in a previous post:

1) Bailout companies that are fiscally sound:  By giving responsible companies a couple billion dollars, they will have the capital required to create jobs.

2) Bailout defunct companies:  By bailing out companies that have gone by the wayside like Eastern Airlines and the horse-and-buggy industry, jobs that were lost will be revived.

My Jobs Program:

  • Barack Obama wants to create green jobs.  I will create jobs that will not discriminate against color.  Everybody needs work.
  • I would also create a lot of low paying jobs so employers can hire more people and we would have fewer people unemployed.
  • I will bring jobs for Americans by finding things to do and the people who need them done.  I will open training centers all over the country to train Americans vital jobs like flipping burgers, working a cash register, and stocking shelves.
  • I would replace NAFTA with USAFTA, a free trade agreement that would bring jobs to the United States.

Barack Obama has made his bed.  And he probably got the linen from a store that is soon going out of business.

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Ahmnodt Heare on the Radio Tonight

Down the Stretch The campaign is about to end as Election Day approaches. Find out what Ahmnodt Heare is doing to ensure victory!Call-in number:  (347) 945-7487

The radio show is tonight at 11:30PM EDT / 8:30PM Pacific

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A New Direction


The link above is a recording of the radio show I hosted last night.  I talked about my responses to the Belmont Debate questions, the Wall Street debacle, and hockey moms being booed in Philadelphia.

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Would You Give Congress Two Years to Reform Social Security?

I don’t know if Congress can reform Social Security.  They offered to get Wall Street out of debt by borrowing more money.  Tax breaks were given to wooden arrow makers and rum producers, but not to the gentlemen who run adult video stores (the heartbeat of the economy)

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Why Should I Trust You When Both Parties Have Failed?

I am an Independent.  My ideas are different and does not get bogged down in party politics.  I should be trusted because I am Independent and I want to be president.

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