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I Smell a Conspiracy

I was looking at all of the mishaps that happened to my 2008 campaign and dismissed them as a bad stretch of luck at a bad time.  I was on the verge of winning the election before my old computer crashed, my dog kept getting sick during the debates (smart dag), and having to move from North Carolina to New Jersey after a series of mishaps.

Now to 2012:  The computer I got to replace my old computer crashed.  The dog I had passed away, but the dog I have now has to do his business during debates.  As far as I know I am not moving, but I might have to spend some time away from home as repairs are done to the pipes underneath my cement floor.  I think the CineMafia is responsible for this now as well as in 2008.  Nobody has more to lose if I become President then they do.  Even Canada wouldn’t spend that much time and resources to make sure I don’t win.  (Although the NHL is currently in lockout mode,  unfortunately Gary Bettman is an American).

I have announced recently that I currently do not plan on running for President in 2016.  If there is an overwhelming call from the public then I will change my mind and run.  I will have to keep the following things in mind:

  • If my dog passes between now and October 2016, then I will not get a new dog until after the 2016 election.
  • Buy a new computer before October 2016 and keep it away until the computer I am getting later this week breaks down.
  • Find a place to live that can survive the tough October weather in New Jersey.
  • Find a campaign manager who isn’t an anarchist and is only managing the campaign “for kicks.”

On the “Good News – Bad News” Front – I did my first “Three cities in three states in three hours” campaign bit today,  I walked from Matamoras, PA to Port Jervis, NY, to Montague, NJ and campaigned in each of those cities.  The only problems were that it rained the entire time and that I had to walk back to Matamoras to pick up my car.


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Four-Year Cycles

A little over four years ago, I decided to run for President in the 2008 campaign.  I headed up to New Hampshire to campaign mainly because the primary was already over and I didn’t have to worry about any of the other candidates stealing my thunder.  I was alone in my hotel room on Valentine’s Day 2008 after a long day of campaigning.  After watching the local news, I realized that my campaign wasn’t making any traction.  I pulled out my laptop and decided to blog about my campaign.  “Alone in New Hampshire” was my first entry, four years ago today.  It was a very short entry, mostly with a rough video I had made and uploaded to YouTube.

The first month was rough.  There were days when nobody visited my website.  I kept blogging anyway, thinking that someday I would write something that people would be looking for.  My first break came when I had to cancel a portion of my campaign trip because my sea monkey passed away.  Apparently, I am not the only person who had to deal with the sudden loss of a pet.  I was suddenly getting 10-20 hits a day.

My next break came soon after the 2008 election.  Many people were disappointed with the results and wanted to see who the prospective candidates were going to be for 2012.  I had announced my intention to run in 2012 the day after the 2008 election.  I wasn’t about to spend any money on my campaign like I did in 2008.  (The $.60 I spent on copying posters proved to be futile.)  People looked for 2012 candidates on search engines and my blog was one of the first to pop up on many sites.

My biggest break came from Billy Mays.  He brought an additional 20 hits to my blog every day until his death.  In the days following his death, when people were searching Billy Mays material on the web, the average shot up to over 500 hits per day.

These numbers might not be impressive to many people (and they’re not to me), but I have learned that a large portion of that is because this is a politics blog and people don’t really like politics and will only go to a political blog when they want information (usually after people find out they’ve been screwed yet again.)

What I have learned is to expand my base.  In addition to this blog, I have a YouTube channel, a BlogTalk Radio show, a Ustream show, A Facebook and Twitter profile and also a fan page on Facebook.  Though I have expanded by leaps and bounds, this blog continues to be the backbone of my campaign and will continue to be until next January when I begin blogging from whitehouse.gov.

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Will They Ever Quit?

The Cinemafia knows I have been going after them and now they are retaliating.  They have infiltrated Saguache County, Colorado (The county which I received the most votes for President in 2008.)  There was monkey business with the election results there in the 2010 elections.

President Obama and the Democrats are doing everything to do to make sure they stay in power.  Saguache County is a heavy Democratic county.  It was one of the few heavily-Democratic counties that did not vote for President Obama in 2008.  (Most of those others went for John McCain, Saguache County went to me.)

I have proven previously that President Obama is Cinemafioso.   Although the County Clerk has been cleared of any wrongdoing, there is still that air of doubt.  All I have to do is prove the connection between the Obama administration and the Saguache County Board of Elections.

There is a debate I wasn’t invited to tonight on FoxNews.  I will be tweeting my replies to the questions and offer commentary on Twitter.  If you have any questions on my replies or commentaries or you want to be asked something not being discussed, then feel free to tweet your question with the #askahmnodt hashtag and I will answer it as soon as I can.

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An Open Plea to Former President George W. Bush

According to a recent blog entry of the Financial Times of London, former President George W. Bush said that if he was asked, he would have endorsed President Obama in the 2008 Presidential election if he was asked. He later added that he had to endorse John McCain, but he’d “probably not vote for the guy.”

This brings me to my plea.  Dear President George W. Bush.  I do not normally vote for Democrats or Republicans. But in 2000, I held my nose and voted for you.  Not only did I vote for you, but I encouraged my parents and my friends to vote for you.  I would have voted for you in 2004, but I took a special liking for Light Party candidate Da Vid.

I hope I am not too late, but I would be honored to have your endorsement in 2012.  This will show a few things:

  • That an American does not have to be a Republican or a Democrat to be presidential.
  • That you are willing to reach out to outside the Republican Base if it means making America a better country.
  • That you are tired of the antics of the Cinemafia and want a presidential candidate who is willing to address the high cost of entertainment.

President Bush, I am asking for your endorsement because it would mean so much.  Please tell Laura and your children I say Hi.  I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


Ahmnodt F.N. Heare

Independent candidate for President

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Dug up Doing Research

Other Write-in votes 206,250 for 0.16%, (Source: http://www.dcpoliticalreport.com/members/2008/pres08.htm)

206,250 people voted for one of the people below. While it doesn’t tell how many voted for each candidate, it means that my winning Saguache County in Colorado is at least possible. If the votes were distributed evenly, that would amount to 996 votes per candidate. I received 475 votes from Saguache County (which was enough to win.)  https://ahmnodtheare.wordpress.com/2008/11/15/president-of-saguache-county-co/

Below are the recipients of the 206,250 votes.

Steve Adams (WI-KY), Thomas Wayne Allen (WI-NC) Yul L. Anderson (WI-CA), Blake Ashby (WI-MO), Warren Roderick “Bob” “Warren G.” Ashe (WI-VA), Mike Bay (WI), Citzen’s Party candidate William David Beadles (WI-CA) Carl Durantye Belle (WI-AL), William F. Berg (WI-NY), Sheila Bilyeu (WI-VA), David Michael Bishop (WI-CA), Greg Black (WI-TX), John Douglas Blyth (WI-IL), Proudican Party nominee / businessman Bruce D. Bongardt (WI), John K. Bootie (WI-PA), An American Party candidate Matthew Jay Borman (A-FL), Jacques Yves “Chief Jack” Boulerice (WI), Clark B. Braxton (WI-CA), Webster B. Brooks III (WI-CT), Jeffrey Earl Brown (WI-OH), Robert Brown (WI-WV)
1 vote, Dan Byron Canfield (WI-AR), Jerry Leon Carroll (WI-CA), Myrtle Charlotte Montomery Carlyle (WI-CA), Real Food Party candidate James “Jimmy” Harlin Carter (WI-FL), Patrick Cazneau (WI-CA), Janice Marie Chase (WI-NV), Jeanne Chebib (WI-DC), Liza Dawn Cherricks (WI-DE), Andrew Clarke (WI-MI), Richard H. Clark (WI-MD), Todd Marvin Clayton, Jr (WI-WA), Don Cordell (WI-CA), Michael James Cortney (WI-WI), Eric L. Creviston (WI-IN), Claire Elisabeth Fields “America, Peach” Cruise (WI-GA), Hugh Cort, III (WI-AL), Balance Party candidate Orion Karl Daley (WI-NY), Christopher J. Dardzinski (WI-MI), Elvena E. “Pee Wee” Lloyd-Duffie (I-IL), Michael Christopher Dutcher (WI-MI), Earnest Lee Easton (WI-NE), Michael David Elder (WI-TX), Max Englerius (WI-WA), U.S. Marijuana Party candidate Cris Ericson (WI-VT), Nick Farmer (WI-IN), Clarita “Chi Chi” Fazzari (WI-CA), Vinnie Ferrari (WI-DC), Bennie Lee “Ben” Ferguson (WI-KS), Richard Earl Fleharty (WI-OK), Quay Fortuna (WI-IA), Elizabeth Mason Frothingham (WI-KS), Ronald “John Galt Jr.” Gascon (WI-PA), attorney Ida Cecilia Garza (I-TX), Mark B. Graham (WI-FL), Peter Samuel “Pete” Grasso, Jr. (WI-VA), Jon A. Greenspon (WI-CA), United Fascist Union Party Jackson Kirk Grimes (WI-MD), American Independent Party candidate Dr. Don J. Grundmann (AI-CA), software developer Leonard F. Grundy (WI-NC), Leonard C. Habermehl (WI-KY), William Long Hale (WI-DC), Vincent S. Hamm (WI-CO), Alex Hammer (I-ME), Dennis M. Hanaghan (WI-OH), Bob W. Hargis (I-OK), Curtis Hayward (WI-TX),Ahmnodt Heare (WI), John Robert Henry (WI-PR), Cassandra Anna Hefton (WI-GA), Samuel B. Hoff (WI-DE), National Socialist Movement nominee Brian Holland (Nazi-VA), Yonyuth Hongsakaphadana (WI-MA), William Michael “Bill” Ingram (WI-WI), Independent American Party candidate Paul Jensen (IA-WI), Stanton T. Jolley (WI-CT), Arnold Matthew Jones (WI-UT), Robert Coleman Jorgensen, Jr. (WI-NC), Daniel Kingery (I-AZ), Steve Kissing (I-OH), Mark Klein (WI-CA), David A. Koch (WI-UT), William R. Koenig (WI-VA) withdrew, Thomas J. Kozee, Jr. (WI-OH), Yaphet Kotto (WI-CA), “Lou” Kujawski (R/WI-OH)
1 vote, Christopher Lafontaine (WI-VA), God Johan Josephe Lally (WI-VT), Jared Benjamin Lee (WI-UT), American New Genesis Party candidate Joseph Felix Leonaitis (WI-MS), Michael Stephen Levinson (WI-NY) Bradley K. “Brad” Lord-Leutwyler (WI-NV), farmer/rancher Ron Lowhorn (I), Steven Douglas Mabey (WI-UT), Thermodynamics Law Party candidate Doug MacDuff, Ph.D. (WI), ’06 Senate candidate Kenneth A. “Ken” Marcure (WI-MT), West Marcus (WI-AL), inventor Joseph Martyniuk (WI-IL), Mike Benjamin Martisko (WI-PA), David J. Masters (WI-NC), Charles T. Maxham (WI-NJ), James H. McCall (WI-OH), Laura Jane McCumber (WI-TX), Denise McSheffrey (WI-MA), Megally Z. Megally (WI-CA), Joseph C. Miechowicz (WI-CA), Hubert Billy Miles, Jr. (WI-MO), Tom Millican (WI-NC), Omar Jones Monahan (WI-PA), Brian J. Moran (WI-AL), Michael Moriarty (WI-AL), Phillip W. Morrow (WI-TX) James Mote (WI), Sovereign American Party candidate Howard Louis Moxham (WI-FL), George C. Nelson (WI-CA), Alfred E. Neuman (WI), Sandra Queen Noble (WI-AL), Nobody (WI), Lawrence A. Obern (WI-MD), engineer Jerry Odom (I-KS), Joe Oliva (WI-NY), Free Party nominee Silver Persinger (WI-VA), New U.S. Party Matthew D. Pinnavaia (WI-CA), Jeffrey Charles “Petro” Petkevicius (WI-LA), Deshon “Big D” Porter Sr (WI-NJ), James Prattas (WI-HI), National Union party Madison Augustine Primus (WI-NY), ’04 Gov candidate / ’06 Gov. candidate Charles G. “Bud” Railey (WI-WV), Arthur J. Regan (WI-MA), Burton Rideway (WI-FL), Ralph Marshall Robinson (WI-IN), Paul Russell Rosenberger (WI-CA), Gary Rostad (WI-CA), Gary W. Ruff (WI-TX), prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs (WI-NY), Cameron Sadovsky (WI-TX), Larry Joseph Schuetter (WI-CA), Vampire, Witches & Pagan Party Jonathon A. “The Impaler” Sharkey (WI-NJ), Christopher Popham Smith (WI), Neo-Whig Party nominee Kip Smithy (WI-NV), Michael Sugerman (WI-CA), Charles Joseph Leo Symonds III (WI-CA), Jan Arden Sykes (WI-WV), Edward Anthony Szynalski (WI-IL), Nanci Jean Taylor (WI-FL), ’96 & ’04 nominee American Party nominee Diane Beall Templin (IA-CA) Independent American Ben Thompson (WI-MN), Linda A. Tompkins (WI-FL), American Fascist Party candidate Seth Tyrssen (WI), Light Party candidate Da Vid (WI-CA), Ray P. Vinzant, Sr (WI-AZ), Hugh Wallace (WI-NC), George Washington, Jr. (WI), James Louis Dezort Watchman (WI-OR), Family Value Party Thomas “Tom” Wells (WI-FL), ’04 congressional candidate Lisa Weltman (WI-MI), Carl “Two Feathers” Whitaker (WI-TN), Jomo K. Manual Williams (WI-NY), Rick Williams (WI-TN), Kelcey Brian Wilson (WI-CA), Ruth Bryant White (WI-NV), Robert B. Winn (I-AZ), Gene Zarwell (WI-MD), General Zod (WI-TX),

I would like to thank the approximately 996 people who voted for me in 2008.  2012 promises to be a better year with better results.

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We Need Ballots Like This


I wanted to post the poll on here, but stupid copyright laws won’t allow it.  You’ll have to check the link above.  It is a poll with everybody who ran for president in 2008 included.  I finished a strong third, just behind John McCain and ahead of prominent politicians like Ralph Nader and Alfred E. Newman.

I will be pushing for everybody to get ballots like this.  I received 7% of the vote on a ballot with 153 people on it.  This is much better results than the ballots with John McCain and Barack Obama as the only candidates.

If you want your name on the ballot for President in 2012, please let me know and I will fight to get your name on the ballot.

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