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Ahmnodt Ready for 2010

2009 is almost over,  2010 will be bringing about changes!  One change is that my radio show “Ahmnodt 4 President” is returning.  I will be on LIVE Monday night at 7PM Eastern (8:30PM Newfoundland).

On the show, I will look back of the parts of 2009 that I remember as well as look at what the campaign will be doing in 2010.  I will also be taking phone calls at (347) 945-7487. between 7 and 8PM Eastern.


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2009 In Review (Part 1)

2009 was a most interesting year.  Instead of moping how the Republicans and Democrats control everything, I offered to help them.   I unveiled my jobs program and a quick inaugural ceremony for a cold winter day,

If there is one thing I like about President Obama (and by like, I mean love), it’s his stance on Canada.  We don’t see eye-to-eye on much, but he does like to steal my campaign ideas.

March was a weird month but I don’t remember much of it.  I did receive some advice from former President Ford through a medium.

2009 wasn’t all about politics.  I shared some of my grandmother’s recipes.  I also shared my passion for the Washington Redskins.

Tomorrow, I will share my retrospective on things that happened between April and June.

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2009 Predictions

What are your predictions for 2009? I predict the following:
1)Ahmnodt Heare will be a household name in 2009. The campaign is starting to steamroll and I am averaging almost 100 hits a day on my blog.
2)Barack Obama will resign from the Presidency so he can join a singing group similar to “Boys to Men.”
3)Perez Hilton will be named “Fashion Czar” and the government will tell us how to dress.
4)The Detroit Lions will win a game. Maybe 2.
5)Part of a bi-partisan health care bill will include a provision for people to sell organs to help pay for medical bills.

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My 2009 Campaign Strategy

My plan for 2009 is to target the four largest states, all of the three electoral vote states, and Rhode Island (Because it is a small state).


The four large states total 147 electoral votes.  The three-electoral votes total 24 electoral votes.  Rhode Island has 4 electoral votes.  Winning these states will give me 175 electoral votes.  This is 95 votes short of victory, but it is a start.

I will resume campaigning in England, Scotland, and Ireland in March.  I have added Australia to the campaign trail and will campaign there in April.

Some of my critics complain that foreigners can not vote for President of the United States.  I remind those critics that the President of the United States is also leader of the free world.  I will make sure their voices are heard.

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