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Video Ad – Take the Money Out of Politics

I had to do a lot more tinkering (more than I wanted to), but I finally was able to finish the video and post it here.  The video shows that I am a fiscal conservative in three ways:  1) I’m not spending money that doesn’t need to be spent (especially your money.)  2) The video quality is proof that I did not spend any money on my campaign.

Starting next week, I will be posting my weekly address via video.


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Three Years Later

For many people, Valentine’s Day means love, chocolate, and flowers.  For some it means heartache, loneliness, and massacre.  For me, it marks the birth of this blog and my decision to run for President of the United States.  What started out as a skiing trip to New Hampshire ended up being a life-changing experience.

Although I did not win the election in 2008 (I had somewhere between 7 and 25,000,000 votes depending on who you ask), the foundation has been set for the 2012 election.  The 2008 campaign technically wasn’t penniless because I had to spend $.60 for copies of a campaign poster at a library because my printer had broken.)

I have been campaigning in the United States, Canada, and Europe for the 2012 election.  The campaign has gained many supporters over the last three years.  Some of the reasons include:

  • Discussing the issues no other candidate will touch – While the other candidates were discussing health care, the economy, and other issues that don’t affect many people, I have been the only candidate bringing attention to the tainting of America’s greatest export – the American entertainment industry.
  • Trend setting – Although I was one of the last candidates to announce my candidacy for President in 2008, I was the first to campaign outside the United States and the first to suggest multiple sources of energy in one energy plan.
  • I’m just a nice guy – Many of the other candidates have been in politics for years.  I have never held office of any kind (except for a brief stint of being president of the local “Hello Kitty” Meetup group.)

There are less than 21 months until the election.  There is a lot of things I need to do to get visibility while maintaining my “Penniless Campaign”.  Since I won’t be spending any money on ads or marketing goodies like pens, yard signs, or blow-up dolls, visibility will not be easy.  Congressman Ron Paul wan the straw poll at CPAC this weekend, and even he is not getting credit deserved by Fox News.

The challenge I set for is simple:  Bring two friends (and one enemy) to this website and tell them to bring two friends (and one enemy.)  If everybody does this, then over 200,000,000 people will be here in 28 days.  If you want a different America, then elect a different candidate.  Ahmnodt Heare for America.  Ahmnodt Heare for You.

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My Reality Show



The White House (Washington DC)

It would be called, “Ahmnodt Heare for President.” It would depict my campaigning as well as parts of my personal life. The show would also show why I chose to run a penniless campaign and why despite the fact that I am different that mainstream candidates, I am quite electable.

Anybody have an idea for a theme song for the show? I tried to think of one, but I am stumped.

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Why Winning an Election is Difficult

It seems like everybody wants to be President of the United States.  Rumor has it that Barack Obama will run for re-election.  The Republicans will run everybody from Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin to Mike Huckabee and maybe Mike Pence.  There are other Independents who want to run.

Here is Anthony Tubbs:

Hugh Jidette

Dick Driben

Ahmnodt Heare

The last one is me, but my video is the only one that shows what to look for in a Presidential candidate.

There will be hundreds, if not thousands who will try to win the 2012 Presidential election.  Many will ask you to donate money for their campaign.  I will not.  I won’t ask for money for two reasons:

1)  I can’t be bought and the ones who can be bought end up doing things other than what you wanted them to do.  There is no money-back-guarantee for a defective politician.

2) I am a fiscal conservative.  It will be hard for me to run up a debt if I don’t spend any money.  And if I don’t spend money, there is no point in asking you to donate.  All I ask is that you understand when my policy is that all Americans give 100% of their income in taxes, it is only because every Friday, you will be refunded what the government  doesn’t use for the week.  And the government will only to be spend money it has.

3) While other candidates are spending time on raising money, I will have more time to talk to the American people and to plan a strategy to combat America’s ever-increasing texting addition.

You may be tempted to search for other candidates, but my platform has an outline of what I will do as President as well as details of the things I will be doing.  I have more blog entries than most candidates do tweets.  The thing about tweets is that they give no details.  Blog entries give details.  If you check my archives, you will see I have written almost 1200 entries all by myself.  I don’t have interns, paid staff, or supporters blogging on my behalf.  So when you see a blogpost written by me, you know it’s authentic.

Please keep everything I have told you in mind when searching for a candidate.  Then come back here.  You will see the differences.

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An Open Letter to America’s Independent Voters

Dear Independent Voter,

Like you, I am an independent voter and am not registered to vote as a Democrat or as a Republican.  I am registered to vote as an Independent.  I tend to vote for candidates who are neither Democrats nor Republicans.  If I vote for them, I might as well be one of them.

I am writing this letter today because there are more people registered to vote as Independents (40%) than either as Democrats (30%) or as Republicans (30%).   In theory, in a three-way race between Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, the Independent candidate should win because the Independent has the largest base to work with.  Yet on Election Day, the Independent often finishes a distant third behind the two party candidates.  This has to stop.  We Independents need to stick together!

Many of us are Independents because we know the Democrats and the Republicans do not have the answers.  If either party had the answers, then things would be honky-dory and we wouldn’t need the other party or independents.  But things are far from honky-dory.  We have a high unemployment rate, a weak dollar, and an entertainment industry that is pricing itself out of the affordable price range of many Americans.

It is time to start voting for Independents.  A good way to start is with the 2012 Elections.  I am running as an Independent for President.  I am the candidate Independents have been wanting to vote for.  If everybody votes party lines, I would only get 40% of the votes, but I would get enough electoral votes to get elected.

You are registered as an Independent voter.  It is time to vote party lines and vote Independents into office and fix this country.   Some will say that Independent candidates don’t have a chance and voting for an Independent would be a wasted vote.  The only wasted vote is voting for the same thing and hoping to get something different.  Albert Einstein thinks this is insanity and I agree.

I am writing this letter now because it will take a while for this letter to be spammed to all Independent voters.  If you keep getting this letter in your e-mail, please don’t get mad, just delete all but one letter.  You will need one letter to print out so you will know how to spell “A-H-M-N-O-D-T  H-E-A-R-E” (without the quotes or hyphens) when you go to vote.  If you need to remember how to spell my name, below are tips for my first and last names:

AHMNODT – A Horny Man Needs Only Dolly’s Taters.

HEARE – Horny Elephants Are Really Exotic.

It wasn’t the Independents that ran up the debt – It was the two parties.  It wasn’t the Independents who have our troops in the Middle East years after “Mission Accomplished.” – It was the two parties.  It wasn’t the Independents who drove up the price of entertainment and snacks at movie theaters, it was the two parties.

Please let your fellow Independent voters know that there is finally an Independent that Independents can rally behind and vote for.  That Independent is Ahmnodt Heare.

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My Fellow Americans

My Fellow Americans,

I have been blogging since I decided to run for President almost three years ago.  During this times I have discovered several trends in politics:

  • It’s “OK” to denounce a conservative who uses derogatory words towards liberals as “tea-baggers.”
  • It is OK to call somebody who doesn’t support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as “anti-American” despite the fact that Congress hasn’t declared war on Afghanistan or Iraq (or Al-Qaeda or the Taliban) as required by the Constitution.  Congress has also authorized the President to use force, which is not mentioned in the Constitution.
  • The more the media talks about Sarah Palin, the more likely she will become President.  Bad publicity is better than no publicity.
  • Republicans tend to vote for Republicans and Democrats tend to vote for Democrats, but Independents rarely vote for independents despite that there are more registered Independent voters than with either the Democrats or the Republicans.
  • This line has been censored by the Department of Defense due to national security reasons.
  • While most political sites get the majority of their hits before Election Day or on Election Day, most people visit my website after Election Day.

If you are one of those people who are finding the website for the first time, do yourself a favor and add this website to your Favorites toolbar on your web browser.  Otherwise you will make the same mistake in 2012 and hit yourself in the head after realizing that you could have voted for me.  Head injuries increased dramatically among voters following the 2008 elections.

I thank you for spending time reading my blog.  Feel free to read the almost 1,200 archived entries or check out the videos and testimonials.  You can listen to my podcast live every Tuesday at 9:00PM/ 6PM Pacific (02:00 in London) and call in with questions or comments.  Tonight, I will be interviewing Independent Candidate for President of Mexico Noes Toiaqui as well as take calls from viewers and listeners.

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Change in Itinerary

I had been sick and did not get much work done today.  I am feeling better now, but as a precaution, I will leave for my vacation for Saturday instead of tomorrow.  Here is the revised schedule:

Friday – Home (was originally Cleveland)

Saturday – Cleveland (was originally Chicago)

Sunday – Chicago (was originally somewhere in Nebraska)

Monday – Des Moines (was originally in Fort Garland, CO)

Tuesday – Des Moines (was originally in Colorado Springs, CO)

Wednesday – Saguache, CO (was originally Saguache, CO)

The reason why I decided to stay an extra day in Iowa is because candidates are already there trying to establish themselves.  I will be doing two things:  establishing myself and disestablishing themselves.

I am feeling better now than I did most of the day, but I am tired.  I will be going to bed as soon as The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is over.

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