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Inspiration from my Running Mate

If you are into poetry, you will love reading the poetry of my running mate, Pamela Villars.  For those of you who weren’t around in 2008, finding a running mate proved to be difficult.  I ended up having to run for President AND Vice-President.  Below were some of the problems I had with running mate candidates in 2008:

  • Under the age of 35
  • Not a U.S. citizen
  • Felonies
  • deceased
  • Celine Dion fans

I am pleased to say that Pamela Villars is none of the first four above.  I don’t know if she is a Celine Dion fan or not, but at this point, I almost don’t care.  It is easier to find a snowball in the Bahamas than a Vice-Presidential candidate.

Pamela’s writings are inspirational.  Her writings have inspired me to write some haiku.

On November Sixth

Two Thousand Twelve – Ahmnodt

Heare for President

If you are looking for inspiration, check out her website and read her poetry.  You can be assured that her writings are better than mine.  Here is a picture of her showing what she won for coming in second in an Australian Wordle contest:


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A New TV Ad

The first TV ad for the 2012 Presidential campaign has finished production and will be airing soon.  Look for it late at night on select stations between infomercials.

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Beyond Numb

Somebody needs to explain this to me because I am at a loss of words as to how this could possibly happen.

If he becomes our the next president, then I will move to Canada.

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At a Loss for Words

I was hoping I would win my poll.  What I saw this morning is a shock to my brain and to my body.  Sarah Palin did poorly in the CPAC Straw Poll, but is kicking butt in my poll.  She already has had more people vote for her in my poll than in the highly publicized CPAC poll. As of 12:00 PM Eastern,  former governor Palin has 87% of the vote while I have only 10%.  Barack Obama and “Other” are tied at 1% wile Mitt Romney has only 2 votes.  “Other” is split evenly with votes for Ron Paul and somebody named, “Ahmnodt Shure.”

If you are an Ahmnodt Heare supporter, then vote now, early, and often.  If you wish to vote for another candidate, voting will start on March 1 at 8:00AM sharp.

The poll will close at 12:00PM Eastern on February, 28.

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2012 Presidential Election Poll

Please take part in this poll so that I may better understand the issues of the day.

This Poll will run through February 28, 2010.

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NOBODY is Running Against Me

NOBODY is probably the biggest threat to my campaign.  While President Obama is becoming unpopular, NOBODY enjoys a high favorabilty rating.  I have to fight back.  NOBODY is going to beat Ahmnodt Heare.

I will fight as long as I can.  If the pressure becomes overwhelming and I am outmatched, I will step aside and support NOBODY.  “Ahmnodt Heare for NOBODY!”

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Thanks to “Alien Ramone”

Special thanks are in order for “Alien Ramone” on SodaHead.  Not only did Alien remind people on SodaHead that I did indeed win Saguache County in the 2008 election, but also the possibility that Saguache County did not get as much stimilus money as other counties because the fine citizens there chose me over President Obama for President.

If we keep up the effort, then we can shock Washington and win the White House in 2012.  I am feeling good about this, but there is so much more we have to do.

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