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Why Winning an Election is Difficult

It seems like everybody wants to be President of the United States.  Rumor has it that Barack Obama will run for re-election.  The Republicans will run everybody from Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin to Mike Huckabee and maybe Mike Pence.  There are other Independents who want to run.

Here is Anthony Tubbs:

Hugh Jidette

Dick Driben

Ahmnodt Heare

The last one is me, but my video is the only one that shows what to look for in a Presidential candidate.

There will be hundreds, if not thousands who will try to win the 2012 Presidential election.  Many will ask you to donate money for their campaign.  I will not.  I won’t ask for money for two reasons:

1)  I can’t be bought and the ones who can be bought end up doing things other than what you wanted them to do.  There is no money-back-guarantee for a defective politician.

2) I am a fiscal conservative.  It will be hard for me to run up a debt if I don’t spend any money.  And if I don’t spend money, there is no point in asking you to donate.  All I ask is that you understand when my policy is that all Americans give 100% of their income in taxes, it is only because every Friday, you will be refunded what the government  doesn’t use for the week.  And the government will only to be spend money it has.

3) While other candidates are spending time on raising money, I will have more time to talk to the American people and to plan a strategy to combat America’s ever-increasing texting addition.

You may be tempted to search for other candidates, but my platform has an outline of what I will do as President as well as details of the things I will be doing.  I have more blog entries than most candidates do tweets.  The thing about tweets is that they give no details.  Blog entries give details.  If you check my archives, you will see I have written almost 1200 entries all by myself.  I don’t have interns, paid staff, or supporters blogging on my behalf.  So when you see a blogpost written by me, you know it’s authentic.

Please keep everything I have told you in mind when searching for a candidate.  Then come back here.  You will see the differences.


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Follow-Up on Google Image Search

Last week I had mentioned that if you were to use Google’s image search engine to find “2012 Presidential Candidates” that you would not find my picture.  I thought that adding my picture and tagging “2012 Presidential Candidates” would make the picture available.  It has not.  There are pictures you will find.  Some are expected as people have been speculating they were going to run for a while (Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, etc.)

There are some I didn’t expect.  Mike Pence is one.  Dick Cheney is another.  You can even find a picture of George W. Bush (He isn’t allowed to run) and of Benjamin Harrison (He died over 100 years ago.)  John Ensign’s picture is there despite he having a laundry list of allegations against him.

Then there are pictures of people I don’t know.  There is a picture of a cute chick standing by a clothesline.  Some dude who has the “Enzyte Bob” smile is running for president as well as a goth guy.  Other pictures that hardly resemble 2012 presidential candidates include Gumby, the Joker, and the Sham-Wow guy.  Also running are Lynn Swann, Carrie Prejean, and a grown man wearing diapers.

I will post my picture again.  I am hoping that I will soon be included in the image search for 2012 Presidential Candidates.  I am also hoping that it’s not on page 37 or so buried that only the most bored will bother getting there for my picture.

2012 Presidential Candidates

Ahmnodt Heare

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Google Image Search

Out of curiosity, I searched for “2012 Presidential Candidates” using Google’s image search.  I figured I would have been on there somewhere.  I searched the first page, but there were no pictures of me or anything relating to my campaign.

I do not know if this is because I haven’t used “2012 Presidential Candidates” as a tag of if I am systematically being ignored by search engine programmers.  I will use the tag for this post and include my picture for the image search:

Ahmnodt Heare

I have to admit that most of the people who found this site were looking for something besides a presidential candidate.  Most people found my site looking for one of the five things:  Julian Beever drawings, Billy Mays, Strawberries, Sea Monkeys, or most recently, Steven Slater.

I don’t always blog about politics because America wants a president who is well-rounded and has multiple interests.  America wants somebody who can relate to him or her at a personal level. “You like ‘Wheel of Fortune’?  Me too!”

For those who found me because you are looking for a presidential candidate, Welcome!  Thank you for stopping by.  You can find out more about me and what I stand for by clicking the tabs on the top.

I will post any findings I have about this experiment soon.

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