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The Third Annual “I Have a New Running Mate” Post

If I have a weakness with my campaign, it’s my inability to keep a running mate.  Whether the problem was because the stress of being a candidate got to them or they said bad things about Vanna White, I go through more vice presidential candidates than Kenny dies in South Park.  This time I think I got it.

His name is Albee Thayer.  He is a rancher in the Abilene, Texas area.  The greatest day in his life was when he found out he was born on the exact same day as Vanna.  (Damned right I’m jealous!)  He is totally on board with my campaign and has dedicated 50 acres of his ranch to help out with my health care plan.

I finally have a candidate who fits all of the qualifications (35 or older, American, no prison record, disdain of Justin Bieber’s music) and has the time and energy required to campaign an international candidate.

The word is getting out.  “Heare and Thayer 2012”


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