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Cutting Education Funding

I think funding for education should be cut, but not from teachers’ salaries.  It should be cut in administrative costs.  The problem with education today is that the largest building in many school building is the administration building.  No learning takes place in administration buildings.  Get rid of those buildings and let the principals administer the education in their schools.

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The Transformation Team

A true leader prepares for the future.  I am not going to wait until I win the election in 2012 to set up a transformation team to have a smooth transfer of power from the Obama administration to the Heare administration.

The vetting process for non-Cabinet positions will begin on Monday.  My office and bedroom will be opened for the vetting process.  I will be announcing the results of the vetting process soon after it is completed.  There are plenty of positions available.  A complete list of agencies with positions can be found here:

There will also be positions for agencies I fell need to be created.  One position will be Curator for the Museum of Pornographic Arts.  The museum will open in Hamburg, New Jersey as soon as federal funding is received.  The curator must have knowledge of the history of pornography and be able to use various kinds of media from real-to-reel projectors to PowerPoint.  The curator must also be able to maintain the “Hands-On” section of the museum and clear a background check as it is anticipated that children will be visiting the museum on class trips.

To make an appointment for an interview, send your resume to ahmnodtheare@politician.com as well as the best time to call to arrange for an interview.

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Why Tim Sharpe Would be my Press Secretary

As I posted three months ago, I started picking my brain trust for my cabinet should I be elected president.

Mr. Sharpe is not the first reporter to bring us stories about clown mutations and dual-purpose robots, he is the only journalist even mentioning it.  It was Mr. Sharpe’s journalistic excellence that brought to my attention the crisis of the humpback dolphin.   

Furthermore, Mr. Sharpe promised me that he will expose all ills of the Ahmnodt Heare administration to protect Americans.  Journalistic excellence and integrity are the reasons why I would be proud to have Tim Sharpe as my Press Secretary.

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