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NFL 2009 Conference Championships Predictions

Last week: 2-2  Season: 5-3

Last week I correctly predicted both AFC Divisional Round games while I sucked wind picking the NFC games.  I can assure you that I will not get any more games wrong this week than I did last week.

New York Jets (11-7) (+7.5) at Indianapolis (15-2) 3:00PM Eastern

The Jets did an amazing job holding the Chargers to 14 points.  The Colts’ offense is similar, but Peyton Manning has more experience.  The Jets will win and go to the Super Bowl because they can run on the Colts better than the Colts can run on the Jets.  Take the Jets and the points.

Minnesota Vikings (13-4) (+4)at New Orleans Saints (14-3) 6:40PM Eastern

A lot of people want to see Brett Favre win a Super Bowl.  Few of those people will be in the Superdome as Saints fans will be loud and stuff.  The Saints will bury some of the past hauntings of New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina, Harry Connick, Jr., etc. ) and finally go to a Super Bowl.  Take the Saints and give the points.


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AFC Championship Prediction

Baltimore (13-5) at Pittsburgh (13-4) – 6:30PM Eastern (CBS)

There is no conference championship game like games played against division rivals.  These teams know each each other, and as Captain Obvious Dan Dierdorf would say, “These teams really don’t like each other.”  The weather in Pittsburgh in January can’t be too tropical, and both teams love defenses.  It seems these games always end up being high scoring.

Steelers 40 Ravens 34

NFC Championship Prediction

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Recapping a Perfect Weekend

I predicted 4 division round playoff games, I got 4 wrong.  Let’s take a look at how I reached perfection:

Ravens at Titans: – The hottest team in the league is going against the team with the best record.  The Titans faltered down the stretch, but they are home and they are rested.  Titans win 17-13.

I stated that the Ravens were the hot team and I went against them.  The Ravens play on while the Titans enjoy the Opry.

Cardinals at Panthers: – This is the one game that could get ugly.  The Cardinals looked good against the Falcons, but they were at home and they were playing against a rookie quarterback and a rookie coach.  Like in nature, the Panthers will devour the Cardinals 41-8.

This game was not natural, but I guessed correctly that it would get ugly.  The Panthers were a bunch of pussies.

Eagles at Giants:  Division games are always tough.  The trendy pick will be to pick the Eagles, but the Giants know what the Eagles are going through, the Giants played three road playoff games last year and will not underestimate the Eagles.  I would not be surprised if this game went into overtime.  Giants win 16-13.

I paid the price for not being trendy.  The Eagles continue the tradition of being the number 6 seed and going to the NFC Championship Game.  The Giants continue the tradition of being the top NFC seed to top-notch skiing clients.

Chargers at Steelers:  Common sense says the Steelers will win.  I still have issues with Norv Turner as a head coach.  Chargers will win this one just to prove me wrong about everything including my views on Global Warming.  Chargers 20 Steelers 13.

Common sense prevailed.  Norv was Norv.  He couldn’t even prove me wrong.

I warned you not to bet the ranch.  But if you must bet the ranch dressing, buy it here.

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An Idea for the NFL

Every year following the Conference Championship Games, there is a two-week lull before the Super Bowl.  I propose a game be played the Sunday between the games.

This game would be called the “Toilet Bowl.”  The worst team in the AFC would play the worst team in the NFC.  Whoever wins the game gets the first pick in the upcoming draft.  This will prevent teams from tanking it for getting the first pick and maintain integrity in the game.

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