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Cut it Out Stephen Harper!

I have to clarify something before I go on my rant.  Not all Canadian entertainers are spies.  They are not all performers.  Rush is an excellent fan.  Dave Foley is a very funny comedian.  Pamela Anderson is sexy (and not just because her boobies are made in the USA).

A new Canadian spy has infiltrated the Great American Entertainment Industry.  The damage this spy has done is worse than the actions of Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, William Shatner, and Anne Murray combined.  Unlike these spies, the newest spy has not only ambushed the American Entertainment, she has also infiltrated the American military.  Below is the proof:

The military has a very important job in Afghanistan protecting the oil wells from Afghanis.  Without this service, gas would be over $3.00 per gallon.  Carly Rae Jepsen isn’t just ruining American Entertainment, she is also compromising military operations.  I call on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take Jespen (and all of his other spies) back to Canada before we send the Kardashians and The Situation to Saskatchewan to “entertain” Canadians.



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This year’s deficit will be at $430 billion. What are you going to cut back?

I would cut back troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  20% of the troops will be used in the 9-5 War against Canada.  The money saved will be used for innovative ways to save money for the government.  I am willing to create the position of Coupon Czar.  The Coupon Czar will administer coupons and give then to agencies that spend money.

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How do you reorganize Afghanistan Strategy?

I would pull the trips out of Afghanistan and Iraq and attack Canada from 9 AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.  It’s a win-win situation.  War mongers get a war closer to home.  Soldiers get a war and get to go home to their families every night.

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Would I Bring More Troops to Afghanistan?

I would withdraw troops and invade Canada instead.  Canada is one of the few countries where my “9-5 War Strategy” could work logistically.  And I would only attack Canada on weekdays, never on holidays, weekends, or Vanna White’s birthday.

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How I Would Approach Iraq and Afghanistan

I would fly into both countries.  Walking to either country would be difficult and I would have a hard time taking a speedboat there from the Eastern United States.

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Experience is Bad

My critics are saying that my lack of experience in politics would make me a bad choice for president.  I would like to address the experience issue at this time.

We have historically voted for people with experience.  This experience we have voted for has led us with a $9.3 trillion debt, an education system that gets worse with more money being spent on it, and fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan when the terrorists who attacked us came from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

I may not have much experience in politics, but I know that if you spend more than you make, you’ll end up in debt.  I know that if you don’t watch where you spend your money, vultures will come see you.  And if you’re going to attack those who attacked us, you find a map and find out where they live. 

I talk about attacking Canada, not because of the Dutch, but because of the Canadians who have attacked our country with their God-awful form of entertainment. 

It is time to quit voting for people with experience and start voting for people with common sense.  I would appreciate your vote. 

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Once I pull out of Iraq, I would not bring troops back into Iraq unless there is sufficient evidence that Iraqis are arming Canada during the Canadian War.  I would also pull troops out of Afghanistan and Nevada.

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