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You Should Have Voted For Me

Benghazi. IRS. Fast and Furious.  These are just a few scandals currently swirling around President Obama and his administration.  Mitt Romney is living a private life.  This makes it hard to find out what scandalous plans he has cooked up.  2008 Republican candidate John McCain was in Syria to give support to Al-Qaeda  Syrian rebels after showing support to Al-Qaeda rebels during the Libyan uprising.

Unlike the candidates from the other parties, my scandals did not kill innocent lives.  They didn’t even kill guilty lives.  My scandals were limited to being hooked on phonics, my inability to find a Constitutionally eligible running mate in 2008, and buying pot brownies.

People tend to vote for glitz over substance.  They think it’s more important that a president is tall than is able to properly use “your” and “you’re” in a sentence.  They’d rather vote for someone with a twinkle in their eye than for someone with a tinkle on the toilet seat.  They would rather vote for a buffoon who looks astute than for a genius who looks mentally challenged.

Remember this blog entry when you vote in 2016.  Before you vote for that stud or hottie, remember that their scandals can kill.  I would suggest that you vote for me.  My scandals are safer,



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Yet Another Obstacle

A last ditch effort to get involved in the upcoming Presidential Debates fell short.  Although this particular effort wouldn’t have gotten me in the debates, it would have my presence at one of them.

My campaign manager is a blogger and had applied for media credentials for the debate that is to take place at Hofstra University next month.  He was going to go there early and talk to the other bloggers and media people about my campaign.  He was then going to liveblog the debate and include my answers that I would send to him via text.

He received this response from the Council on Presidential Debates:

Unfortunately your application for Media Credentials for the Presidential and/or Vice Presidential Debates has been “DENIED” for the location(s) you chose to attend.

If you have any questions about your application or feel this was sent to you in error, please send your contact information and request to:mediarequest@debates.org. We will reply to valid requests only and reserve the right to offer no explanation for security reasons.

I find this insulting for the following reasons:

  • “DENIED” is in quotes and in all caps.  Why couldn’t they just type denied?  Their method rubs salt in the wound.
  • They wouldn’t explained why he was denied, just that he was denied.
  • They “reserve the right to offer no explanation for “security reasons”.  My campaign manager (to the best of my knowledge) is not a member of Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, or The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  He loves this country and will love it more once I am elected President.

I had called for a boycott of the sponsors of the 2008 debates sponsored by the Council on Presidential Debates.  Hopefully you are still boycotting them as I continue to boycott.  Below is the 2008 list.  I will add the 2012 list to boycott when it becomes available:

2008 National Sponsors

Anheuser-Busch Companies
BBH New York
The Howard G. Buffet Foundation
Sheldon S. Cohen, Esq.
EDS, an HP Company
International Bottled Water Association
The Kovler Fund

I strongly urge President Obama and Mitt Romney to boycott these debates and instead go to debates that will allow third party candidates and independents like myself to debate.  If they refuse to boycott, then I strongly urge you to boycott voting for Republicans and Democrats in any election until they are willing to debate others.  It’s odd that the two parties that have gotten America into this mess are the only two parties allowed to debate.  It’s a sad day for America.  😦

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My Reaction Tonight

I will give my reaction to President Obama’s speech to the nation soon after the speech is over.  I will not be blogging in real-time as I have in the past.

Tonight’s speech is supposed to explain why we are in Libya and why we are siding with Al-Qaeda against Gadaffy (Or Qadaffi, Qaddafi, or however his name is spelled this week).

The speech starts at 7:30PM Eastern (5:30PM Mountain).

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Think Tanks

People seem to think that a presidential candidate needs to consult a “think tank” to look presidential.  These think tanks are supposed to solve all of the world problems.  Not only do they not solve problems, they create problems that would not have existed otherwise.  “Global Warming” never existed before think tanks came into existence.  Iran didn’t think of us as the “Great Satan” until these “think tanks” suggested sending people into Iran to control their politics.

You might be thinking I want to get rid of think tanks.  I do not.  I just want think tanks to have people in them who think.  This is why I am looking to start an online “think tank”.  We can weed out the bad stuff that don’t work like “fighting for peace” and work on solutions like disarming the Cinemafia and a sensible solution what to do with the Al Kaline sympathisers in Guatanamo Bay.

If you are interested in joining an online think tank, leave a comment below and you will be considered.  The candidates will be announced in a further blog posting.

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Al-Qaida No. 2 insults Obama in new audio message

via Al-Qaida No. 2 insults Obama in new audio message

This time we know the name of the next number 2 guy that we are going to kill.  He is Ayman al-Zawahri, and he is the latest in line to the fatal job position.

The economy is tough and jobs are scarce, but when I see a job opening for “Al-Qaeda number two guy”, I just skip it and look for a less fatal job position.

I think I know why it’s called the “Number 2” position.
If I am elected President, my first executive order will be to declare Osama bin Laden as the number 2 guy.

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