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The NHL Hates the Capitals

I didn’t get to watch the Capitals’ game against the Blackhawks on Sunday because I was traveling back to New Jersey from Washington.  THis is why I was shocked to learned that Alexander Ovechkin was suspended for two games because of a hit he gave to Blackhawks’ defenseman Brian Campbell.

The NHL is not happy that the best team in the NHL plays its home games in AMERICA’S capitol and not somewhere in Canada.  (Though for some bizarre reason they love the Pittsburgh Penguins),  Caps’ Head Coach Bruce Boudreau said it best when he said that Ovechkin received a penalty and a suspension because he is stronger than anybody else.

Hockey is a man’s game.  This is one reason why I don’t play it.  Ovechkin never left his feet.  His left skate was on the goal line when he checked Campbell.  Campbell had plenty of distance between himself and the board when he was shoved.  But because he got hurt (broken clavicle and ribs), Ovechkin will serve a two-game suspension for a clean hit.

Let’s put flags on the skaters’ waists.  If somebody pulls a flag, than the skater is considered “checked” and must release the puck.  I fear this is the direction the NHL is heading.  If they keep playing soft, women will soon be allowed to play in the NHL.


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Off to DC!

I am heading to Washington as soon as this blog entry is posted.  I should be in Washington by 1:00PM.  I’ll have some time to dilly-dally and campaign before picking up my daughter Patricia from school at 3:45.  We’ll spend time at Chuck E. Cheese playing arcade games before heading to the Verizon Center to watch the Capitals play the Tampa Bay Lightning.  I’ll buy her a replica Alexander Ovechkin jersey and an Alexander Semen Semin jersey for myself.

We will head to Wal-Mart after the game.  I am going to let Patricia pick out her present this year.  I am not always the best gift buyer.  We will go to my parents’ house (providing my father remembers that we are coming late after the game) for the weekend.

Tomorrow will be a day for sight-seeing.  Patricia will probably see all of the famous DC landmarks like I did growing up in Washington.  I saw them on class trips and seeing sights on class trips usually sucked except for not being in class that day.  Tomorrow will be the Washington Monument, the Supreme Court Building, and the the Royal Palace Gentleman’s Club.

I will be stopping at rest areas to check my e-mail.  If I come across anything interesting I will mention it on my Facebook page.

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The XXI Winter Olympiad

The opening of the Olympic Games starts tonight in Vancouver,  British Columbia.  Contrary to what you may think, I am wishing success in the Olympics.  Remember, it’s the Canadian government, not the Canadian people, who are responsible for the deterioration of American entertainment by allowing their spies William Shatner and Celine Dion to saturate the once excellent American entertainment industry.

Much is being said about the fact that there is no snow in Vancouver.  For those not familiar with Canadian climate, while most of Canada is known for cold and snowy winters, Vancouver gets little snow and usually has warmer winters than New York City.  This is because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, which brings warm winds to the North American coastline.  If you go an hour inland, you’ll get the cold and snow known as Canada.

Canada will probably win the most medals because they are home and have a lot of people who are used to brutal winters and are acclimated to winter sports.  They will not win the gold medal in Men’s Hockey though.  That distinction will go to the Russian team.  The Russians will win the gold because they have the most Washington Capitals on the team.  Alexander Ovechkin is the best player in hockey.  Alexander Semin will be a solid second-line player on a team filled with talent.  Semyon Varmalov is a better goalie than Jose Theodore (last night’s game against Ottawa excluded) and is capable of making big saves.  Evgeni Nabokov is one of the best goalies in the NHL and will be good enough to allow fewer goals than the Russians will score.

I am going to make 2010 the year I know what Curling is.

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