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They Should Have Come to Me

It seems that aliens do not read my blog entries.  If they did, they would have avoided the mishap that almost happened in Inner Mongolia.

I am concerned about safety.  This cannot be emphasized enough:  If you know any aliens from outer space, please let them know that I am the leader they wish to speak with.  World leaders are too busy leading their constituents to be bothered with little green men.  I have the time to discuss the issues with them.

Also let them know that they should bring their spaceship to Northwestern New Jersey.  There is plenty of space for parking and no need to worry about hitting jet planes.

Let’s get interplanetary relations on the right foot.  Bring them to me and not to a leader who will want to declare was and spend billions of dollars sending our troops into outer space.


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Greetings Aliens From Outer Space!

The United Nations recently announced that if aliens were to land on Earth and wish to be taken to our leader, that they should be directed to Mazlan Othman.  This is a bad idea.  Mazlan Othman is a Space Ambassador and a astrophysicist.  She is not a leader.

I would suggest to the United Nations as well as anybody who happens to encounter an alien that you bring the alien to me.  While I am not officially a leader yet, many leaders have followed in my footsteps and have borrowed portions of my campaign.

Aliens would have a difficult time finding parking near the UN and it would cost them money for parking fees.  They’d be better served coming to Northwestern New Jersey where there is plenty of parking spaceships (except for Oktoberfest, which was last weekend) and parking here is always free.

Another advantage to bringing the aliens here is that I can offer an environment that is friendly for aliens who smoke.  New York City has some of the toughest anti-smoking laws in the country.  This might be offensive to an overly aggressive alien.

If you are an alien thinking of visiting, you can be assured that I only want to be Leader of the Free World.  I do not wish to be a leader of any other planet, no matter how free their inhabitants are.

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Campaigning Schedule Postponed

Due to the excessive heat expected in the Northeastern United States this weekend, the campaign stops I had scheduled for this week is postponed until next weekend.  Temperatures in Philadelphia are supposed to reach near 100 degrees with the heat index approaching 110 degrees.  The weather is expected to be sunny with highs in the mid-to-upper 80s.

I will be heading to Rhode Island on Monday.  It appears that the oil spill will not being affecting Rhode Island after all, which means I am going to have to retrieve the boom I had lowered when I was there in early June.

Bad news:  The recession is now galaxy wide.  Darth Vader robbed a bank in Long Island.  He probably did it for his son, who is marrying a princess.  Weddings involving princesses are not cheap.  I will not chew more than I can carry.  While solving the economic woes throughout the galaxy is important, my main concern is solving the economic woes of the free world.  This will make it easier for aliens like Darth to find a job in the United States. (Providing that Darth is in the United States legally.)

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