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Important Announcement

I have some good news and some bad news.  First the bad news:  I do not plan on running for President in 2016.  My daughter is nine years old and I would like to spend more time with her (especially since she lives in Washington DC and I live in northern New Jersey.)  I am not ruling it out.  If there is enough people to draft me to run in 2016, I will do so.  I will also consider running if things get worse between now and then or if the Cinemafia grows out of control.

Now the good news:  I plan on running in 2020.  I will probably start the day after Election Day 2016.  My daughter will be 13 by then. Teenage girls don’t  want their fathers around all the time, so I will have more time to run.  The only things that will stop me from running in 2020 is if I win in 2012 and in 2016 or if I die.  Being incarcerated  will not stop me from running as it didn’t stop Lyndon LaRouche or Keith Judd.

I will be attending a luncheon in New York City on Wednesday.  I forgot what it is about but I think it is a presidential campaign stop.  I hope it is because there are only 78 days until the General Election.

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Please Listen to and Call in Monday’s Radio Show

Ahmnodt Heare will look at the direction the country and will offer his unique insight as to how to solve things. He will also explain why he made changes to his website and announce the results of the “Orgies for Abstinence” / “Tease Party” poll.  Call-in number for the show is (347)-945-7487.

SPECIAL – A Look at Our Country


Don’t forget to tell all of your friends and most of your enemies about this very special show!

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