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Ahmnodt Heare for President – Debate Chat

10/11/12: The archives from the vice-presidential debate will be here until hours before the next presidential debate.

10/3/12:  This is the archive from the chat from the October 3, 2012 debate that took place in Denver.  The archive will remain until the vice-presidential debate on October 11.

If you are seeing this from my blog, more recent blog entries are below.  If you are reading this from the chat room, feel free to visit my blog and see how I would improve America and be a better choice for America than either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

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Changes to Look For

In case you haven’t checked the tabs on the top of the page lately, I have made some changes.

Platform:  I have added links to my positions so that you can get a deeper understanding as to why I choose the positions that I do.

Endorsements:  I now have more than 20 endorsements from celebrities.

Videos: I have added two videos in the last month including an explosive expose on the CineMafia.

Tools:  Tools you can use to find the latest news and to support the campaign.

Biography:  My birthdate and location have been changed.

Contact:  New updated, easy-to-remember phone number (507)-AHMNODT

Archives: Updated every time I post a new blog entry with the most recently on top.  “Changes to Look For” is the 949th blog entry and ALL blog entries are listed from most recent to the first listing on February 14, 2008.

Changes coming soon:

  • “Videos” will be changed to “Media” and will include radio ads and select speeches as well as links to the archives of my radio show.
  • You will soon be able to see me blog live on the days I get dressed before blogging.
  • More testimonials – (providing I get any.)
  • Calendar – Find out what I’m doing before I do!

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No Radio Show Tonight

I am ill and am unable to host tonight’s radio show.  But be sure to listen to archived shows.  Scroll halfway down and you’ll see a list of the most recent shows.  There are over 30 shows in all.  This is the first show, which gives an overview of who I am and why I am running for president

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Podcast Archives


If you can’t catch the radio shows live (10:00-11:00PM Eastern), then you can catch the archives at the link above.  It is easier to load the archives and listen than from the blogtalk site.

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