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Walk-a-Thon 2010-2011

I was unable to hold my walk-a-thon for Affordable Entertainment Awareness last year due to me breaking my ankle at Blanca Fest.  Barring anything stupid (broken bones, death, incarceration, getting lost, etc.) happens, I will try the walk-a-thon again on October 9 in Atlantic City.  I am hoping to be in San Diego by April 4, 2011.  I will be blogging the events on days I am in an area with WiFi.

I am planning to attend the November 2 “Orgies for Abstinence III” in Bentleyville, PA( Just south of Pittsburgh).  The location is not set in stone as I am planning on the possibility of making campaign appearances near the walk-a-thon route.  If you are near the route and you want me to give a speech in your area, please let me know soon so I can make adjustments to the route.


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Adjustments to Walk-a-Thon Schedule

For those familiar with my campaign, I have been planning a walk across the United States raising awareness about the entertainment industry and how unaffordable entertainment has become.  The walk is supposed to start in October in Atlantic City and end in April in San Diego.  However; with the meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates slated from November 14 to 21, I had to make some adjutments to the route.  The adjusted map will be posted sometime within the next two weeks.

  • I am still leaving from Atlantic City on Saturday October 10.
  • Instead of walking all the way to San Diego directly, I will walk to Pittsburgh’s airport.  I plan on making it to the airport in time to fly out on the 14th of November.
  • I will fly back to Pittsburgh on the 21st and continue my trip from there.
  • I am now scheduled to arrive in San Diego on April 17, which is after Opening Day for the San Diego Padres.  I will be unable to throw out the first ball on opening day.

I am still looking for places to stop along the route.  e-mail me if you want me to speak to your group about affordable entertainment.

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The Walk-a-Thon is Back On

Due to logistical problems, I was unable to do the Walk-a-Thon for Entertainment Affordability Awareness like I wanted to.  i will be doing the walk-a-thon in October.  Here is a map.

There are a few differences between this plan and the one I had planned in January.  One difference is that the trip will take longer than I originally thought.  I thought I would be able to walk from Atlantic City to San Diego in a week.  I now know it will take longer.  I will be leaving Atlantic City on Columbus Day (October 12) at Noon.  My plan is to make it to San Diego in time to throw out the first pitch in the Padre’s home opener in 2010.  I would like to thank the Padres for the honor to throw out the first pitch in a home opener.

I should be in Indianapolis for Thanksgiving and Jefferson City for Christmas.  If you happen to live near the route, come on and say “Hi.”  If you’re not too far away, I will be honored to meet you and your friends spreading the awareness of affordable entertainment.

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Speaking Engagements

If I happen to be in your town during my walk-a-thon for Affordable Entertainment Awareness and you would like for me to speak at an event regarding any part of my platform, then send an e-mail and I will get in contact with you.

I will be leaving Atlantic City, NJ on January 25.  Please have your request in by January 18 so I can include your town in the speaking event.

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