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Just Plain Wrong

Sometimes an event happens that changes the course of one’s thinking.  The event I am referring to is the protests of the G-20 Summit held recently in Pittsburgh.   For some reason, the media hasn’t gotten around to mention that:

  • The police attacked PEACEFUL protesters with audio cannons and tear gas.
  • The military was arresting American citizens on U.S. soil.

Below are videos of some of the protests taken this weekend by protesters.

While the media failed to show what our government is doing to our people, they did manage to show a video of a baby dancing to Beyonce.  This is wrong and I am outraged.  I will be calling the news networks as well as the elected officials of Pittsburgh and voice my displeasure with both the way Americans are now being treated on U.S. soil and the way the media chose to ignore Americans being oppressed by an American government.

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