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Why I Should Have Been Elected

Every once in a while (although lately it seems to be frequently), I come across a news story that shows Americans acting as if I won the election.  AT the very least, they are not waiting until I am elected to enact my policy on senior citizens.

The dog food is enjoying higher food sales despite tough economic times.  The news article claims that it is because more people have dogs.  The dog population did not increase that much.  What has increased is the number of people who have become senior citizens.

Human food has shot up over the last two years.  People on a fixed income cannot afford the increased prices, so they resort to dog food.  This is especially true among seniors.  As the economy worsens, more seniors will be eating dog food.

If this was a case of people caring more about their pets, then there would have been an increase in the sales of chew toys and bones.  This does not appear to be the case.  While many seniors can be seen buying dog food, few seniors are seen with dogs.

Between this story and the arrest of Cinemafioso Roman Polanski, people have embraced my platform.  By electing me for President in 2012, it will become easier to enact the rest of my platform.


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