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The Real Issues

American politicians are notorious for keeping voters engaged with issues that have nothing to do with the future of American lives.  They want to keep you preoccupied with non-issues like gay marriage and the “war” on women, but not that both parties have raised the debt and the war on people in the Middle East.  Ask your politician why he are she is avoiding these vital issues:

  • Health Care – Romney mandated health care insurance for Massachusetts.  Obama has mandated it for the other 49 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Territories.  Nobody is addressing why it costs $20 for ONE Tylenol in a hospital when you can get 100 for under $10 in many supermarkets and department stores.  I think America would be better served with everybody having apple trees and keeping the doctor away (and the expense of going to the doctor.)
  • Jobs – Romney created a bunch of minimum-wage jobs for Staples.  Obama created jobs for green companies that would eventually go bankrupt and lay everybody off.  My plan would create jobs by giving bailout to companies who don’t need it so they can hire more people and pay the workers they already have more money.  It would also bail out companies that no longer exist by bring back all of those laid off workers back to their jobs.
  • Entertainment –  I am the only candidate who understands that Americans love to be entertained and that the price of entertainment is spiraling out of control.  No other candidate has addressed the cost of entertainment because they don’t care.

You can elect somebody like Obama, Romney, or anyone else who tells you what the issues are or you can elect someone (Ahmnodt Heare) who you tell what the issues are.  The choice is yours.


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An Invitation for Santorum Supporters

Former Senator Rick Santorum suspended his campaign yesterday.  The media is painting this as a Romney victory for the GOP nomination.  It is much more than that.

Many of Rick Santorum’s supporters feel disenfranchised now that their man is out of the running.  They don’t really like Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul.  They also feel that Mitt Romney is an Obama-like Republican and they will be hesitant to vote for him in the general election.

It is this reason that I invite Rick Santorum supporters to join my campaign and vote for me in November.  I am neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama.  I don’t believe that health insurance should be mandated at any level of government.  I would not have bailed out the banks or failing companies.

There are some differences between Senator Santorum and myself. I do not look dapper wearing a sweater vest.  My name is not yet a household name (or outhousehold name.)  I don’t have anything named after me.

If you want a better America than what either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama are offering, then I invite you to join my campaign and to vote for me in November.  Together we can do this!

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Question for Mitt Romney

If you love Michigan so much, why did you move to Massachusetts?  And why were you for the bailouts before you were against them?  (I know that’s two questions)

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Why I am an Independent

People often ask me why I am running for President as an Independent and not as a Republican or a Democrat. They often claim that I do not have a chance because I do not belong to either party.

Some reasons why I am not a Republican:

  • War: Republicans love to declare war on everybody (as long as their children don’t have to fight.) I believe war should be limited to the most extreme circumstances. (Like Canada.) They also believe that a soldier should be a soldier 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I believe a soldier should only have to be a soldier from 9AM to 5PM from Monday through Friday. They should have weekends and holidays off like everybody else.
  • Surveillance: Republicans believe that we should be spying on anybody who can be considered a national threat. I think that surveillance equipment should only be used on the hottest women and only in showers and bedrooms.

Some reasons why I am not a Democrat:

  • Bailouts: Democrats believe that we should bailout existing companies who are in trouble as a way to create jobs. I believe these are the last companies to go to for job creation. I have stated in the past that bailouts are better suited to go to companies who are either financially sound or no longer exist.
  • Health Care: Democrats believe that government should play a role by helping pay for health care for people who can’t afford it. I believe the way to make health care affordable is by cutting costs. I am a proponent of prevention. The only role government should play in health care is planting apple trees everywhere. An apple a day will keep the doctor away, thus saving on trips to the doctor.

The vision for America that Democrats and Republicans have is too different for me to join either party. I believe that I am not the only person who feels this way towards both parties. This is why I am running as an Independent.

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Special Radio Show – “State of America”

I will be doing a very special show tonight at 7PM Eastern on the state of America.  I will also take phone calls from listeners.  The number if you wish to call is (347) 945-7487.  Tell all of your friends and half of your enemies.  Together we can try to save America!

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