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If You Insist

I have stated recently that I was not running for Senate, but people were going to vote for me regardless.  For the people in Massachusetts who insist on voting for me, please make a copy of this ballot and hand it in.  My name is spelled correctly (to the best of my knowledge) and has me listed as an Independent (also spelled correctly.)

By printing this ballot and using this one instead of the one issued, you’ll save valuable time and can continue on with the rest of your day.  If I lived in Massachusetts, I would vote for my fellow Independent Joe Kennedy.  Independents should unite and help get Joe Kennedy elected.


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We Need Ballots Like This


I wanted to post the poll on here, but stupid copyright laws won’t allow it.  You’ll have to check the link above.  It is a poll with everybody who ran for president in 2008 included.  I finished a strong third, just behind John McCain and ahead of prominent politicians like Ralph Nader and Alfred E. Newman.

I will be pushing for everybody to get ballots like this.  I received 7% of the vote on a ballot with 153 people on it.  This is much better results than the ballots with John McCain and Barack Obama as the only candidates.

If you want your name on the ballot for President in 2012, please let me know and I will fight to get your name on the ballot.

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