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Time to Step Up My Game

There has been a lot going on in my life the last year that had taken away valuable campaigning time.  My parents have both moved into adult care facilities.  I lost a custody battle for my daughter and she now lives in Italy with her mother.  “American Idol” ended before I could audition.  My campaign email has been hacked and I no longer have access to your letters or correspondences I have been getting from Nigerian princes.  (It seems that my campaign is popular in Nigeria.)

I was considering suspending my campaign for the rest of the election cycle until I heard that Donald Trump was the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.  It also looks like that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party candidate.

I am looking for places to campaign.  If you know of a rally, bar mitzvah, or memorial service looking for a speaker, feel free to correspond.

The new updated contact information will be posted providing that I remember the email address or phone number.  I don’t email or call myself often enough to know those things by heart.  At least I know my address (but only because Papa John’s keep asking for it when I order pizza to be delivered.)

Tell all of your friends and 3/4 of your enemies that my campaign is back and running on full steam.  It’s sad that America needs me to run as desperately as she does, but I am up for the task.


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The recession is hitting me as hard as it is hitting most Americans.  Companies that I have done business with for years are folding and other companies are scaling back on their marketing budgets just to survive.  I will make less money in 2010 than I did in 2009.  Despite this, I still need to travel around the world and campaign for leader of the free world.

I can still afford travel.  What is becoming expensive is lodging.  I have already cut lodging expenses from staying in upscale hotels for a week a time to staying at motels on the highway for one or two days.  This will soon me beyond my reach financially.

Instead of asking for money like other people would, I am asking for a place to stay.  My 2011 schedule isn’t set yet, so if you have time available for me to stay over, I can return the favor by cooking breakfast and some light housecleaning.  I am also available for speeches, rallies, and bar and bat-mitzvahs.  I can be reached in the comments section of this blog.

Thank you for your continued support.

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