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Fell Back

Some people look at today as an opportunity to gain an extra hour of sleep.  I tried to make it as an extra hour of partying and sleep up on regular sleep.  Unfortunately, my dog is half-rooster and wakes up at the crack of dawn whether the crack of dawn comes at 6AM or 8AM or 10PM.

I realized the hard way that my dog’s body functions do not observe Daylight Saving Time.  He has to go potty as soon as the sun rises.  The sun did not rise at 7:35 AM yesterday.  Today, it rose at 6:36 thanks to setting the clock back.  It is things like this that make me against Daylight Saving Time.

As long as we have Daylight Saving Time, I will have to go to bed an hour earlier during Standard Time or I will be waking up an hour groggier.  Switching back and forth affects alertness, and studies show this.  The two weeks with the most auto accidents not weather-related are the week following setting our clocks ahead and the week following our clocks back.

I have decided that I will no longer be observing Daylight Saving Time.  When you set your clocks ahead on March 13, 2011, I will not.  I will not be getting into an accident and I will not be tinkering with my dog’s biological clock.  I’ll just act like I am living in the Central Time Zone during the spring and summer months.


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