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Birth Control Pills

I am going to spend more time writing how unqualified I am to comment on birth control pills than I am on birth control pills.  The reason is simple:  I don’t need them and I don’t envision my ever needing them.  Who should or shouldn’t use them should be left to women as they have the most at stake.

Rush Limbaugh recently called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.”  One thing I have noticed is men who call women names like “slut” aren’t getting any from those women, so technically, they can’t confirm.

He later went to say that if we were going to pay for women’s birth control pills then women should work for that money by showing sex videos. Based on that logic, we should send him videos of men having gay sex after taking taxpayer-funded Viagra.  Taking sex out of his logic, it’s like the CIA broadcasting their covert meetings on the internet because we pay for the CIA with tax dollars and with drug money.

Ladies, feel free to send me your sex videos.  I will not ask if you are using birth control pills because it is none of my business.

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