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Today’s Blog Entry Cancelled Due to Snow

The desk Ahmnodt Heare likes to blog from is covered in snow.

The desk where Ahmnodt Heare likes to blog is covered in snow.

Due to inclement weather, Independent candidate for President Ahmnodt Heare will not be posting a blog entry today.  He claims that it is snowing over one inch per hour and that the computer gets covered with snow before he can finish a blog entry.

I think some people will do anything to get out of entering a blog entry.  Blogging is not always easy, but when you are running for president of the United States, you have to blog through blizzards and “Jonas Brothers Hour” tributes on the radio.

America will be expecting a blog entry tomorrow.  We don’t want to hear that you have a “tummy ache” or that the dog ate your blog.

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This Bailout Is Not Working

cbs2chicago.com – Workers Lock Themselves In Shuttered Republic Windows And Doors Plant Over Dispute With Bank.

As I stated earlier, bailing out companies that needed to be bailed out is a bad idea.  We bailed out Bank of America, but that has not helped its customers like Republic Windows in Chicago.  Republic Windows was a company that was in pretty good shape.  We should have bailed them out before they got to the point where they had to close it doors.

I read a disturbing blog from someone in Kansas about this yesterday.  The blogger suggested that the union suggested a “sit-in” because unions don’t like their workers to perform any labor.  It also said that union workers like to sit.  My answer to that is that bloggers also like to sit.  Very few blogs are written while standing up.  Unless you have worn other people’s shoes, you should not comment on their plight.  I have worn the shoes of other people.  I hope to get a pair for myself for Christmas,

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You Can’t Please Them All

I was looking for “Ahmnodt Heare” through a search engine when I stumbled upon this link:


I know my campaign was not the best, but instead of writing about it in your blog, feel free to write about it here.  Please offer advice you may have to make the 2012 campaign a success.

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The Purposes of This Blog

This blog has a couple of purposes.  The first purpose is to inform voters of the happenings of my campaign and how I feel about the issues.  The second purpose is to encourage people who come to my blog to ask me questions about my platform and to engage in a debate about the issues.

I would like you (the reader) to get involved in this blog.  I encourage all readers to ask questions about something I have posted.  You can also say, “Neat-o!” if you agree with me or “Get Real” if you don’t agree.

I look forward to learning what is on your mind.

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What Brought You Here and Where You Went

I am interested in what brings people to my blog.  Below is some of the activity that took place yesterday (9/27/08).  If there is any aspect of my campaign you are interested in, please leave a comment and I will answer it as soon as I can. 



People clicked links from these pages to get to your blog.




Referrer Views
wordpress.com/tag/debate 5 More stats
wordpress.com/tag/bailout 4 More stats
u4prez.com/CaucusCommentDetail.aspx?C… 2 More stats
u4prez.com/ViewCaucus.aspx?CaucusID=3… 1 More stats
WordPress Dashboard 1  
u4prez.com/CaucusCommentDetail.aspx?C… 1 More stats
wordpress.com/tag/economy/2 1 More stats

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.




Search Views
money tattoo 3 More stats
russia 1 More stats
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$700 billion bailout 1 More stats
canada tattoo 1 More stats
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tattoo man 1 More stats
debate for president in missippi 1 More stats
my plan to bailout 1 More stats

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Thank You Readers!

I would like to thank all the readers who took the time to read my responses to the debate questions as as I was writing it.  I would further appreciate any comments you have on any of my positions and stances.  Thank you and please consider my presidency.

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The Best Write-in Candidates – Tetsujin’s Blog

The Best Write-in Candidates – Tetsujin’s Blog

I was going to post this on his (or her) blog as a reply, but the blog is not taking replies.

“I think you wrote this blog before finding out who I am.  That’s OK.  After checking out my platform, you will want to include me in this list.”

But since the blog is closed to comments, I must also add that Tetsujin did not do his (or her) homework.  It is a shame that Tetsujin never knew about my campaign, otherwise I feel I would have been included.

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