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I am honored to be invited to join a group of bloggers who chat with other bloggers called “WordPress Chums.”  Here, bloggers can interact with other bloggers about anything, not just about blogging or what is being blogged.  There is also an RSS Feed to this blog, Dummies of the Year, Doc’s Spot, and Kennedy’s Run.

WordPress Chums – “What Bloggers Blog About When They’re Aren’t Blogging.”


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The Flaws in Impromptu Traveling

When one plans a trip, it is important that one should plan to get back before leaving.  I made that mistake and ended up spending the night in Oneonta, NY. The nearest hotel was miles away from the bus stop. Dinner was a “Value Meal.”

Don’t get me wrong. I got stuff done yesterday. I have secured a number of speaking engagements in the next couple of months. My first speech is next Saturday morning at an “Anarchists Against Everything” rally. I will also be speaking at the CNYAPB (Central New York Association of Political Bloggers” luncheon in Binghamton.  There are plans in the works for having a speech in Cooperstown, NY.  However; due to my position against the CineMafia, it will not be at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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