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Party Politics

I am running as an Independent as president despite my being a member of the Oudda-Heare Party.  My days of running as an independent may be numbered though.  I am considered in the running to represent the Hobo Party for President.  In order to receive consideration, I am going to need your help.  It costs little and you will be helping others in less than two minutes.

All you have to do is bring some sandwiches and some booze to your nearest train yard.  As soon as the sandwiches and booze are distributed, you can leave.  It’s that easy!

Hobos have been ignored for too long.  Their unemployment rate is near 100%.  This is because companies are not creating jobs in train yards.  They are also ineligible for government assistance because for some reason, the government does not consider a train yard as a place of residence.

The hobos need your help because they won’t get it from the government or from the business world.  Once I become president, I will make an executive order declaring train yards as a place of residence.  Let’s help the hobos!


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