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Reviews and Previews

2012 is coming to a close and 2013 is about to be shoved in our faces.  Since this is generally a slow political period (aside from Congress and Obama wanting to drive us off a fiscal cliff), I will be spending the next few weeks reviewing 2012 and previewing 2013, taking it month by month.  Below is the schedule:

2012 in Review:

2013 in Preview:

  • January – 1/2
  • February – 1/3
  • March – 1/4
  • April – 1/5
  • May – 1/7
  • June – 1/8
  • July – 1/9
  • August – 1/10
  • September – 1/11
  • October – 1/12
  • November – 1/14
  • December – 1/15

A few days are skipped on purpose.  January 1 is skipped because it’s New Year’s Day.  It is bad luck to make a prediction on New Year’s Day.  All the money I have lost betting on bowl games over the years proves this.  January 6 and 13 are omitted because I expect the Washington Redskins to be playing playoff football on those days.

I may throw in an entry or two on what I am thinking during this time, but don’t hold your breath.  There will be updates on my Facebook page as well as my Twitter account.


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A Quick Hello (Bowl Talk)

Nothing happened today.  None of the teams I was rooting in the college bowl games are winning.  I had prepared for such a scenario by betting on TCU to win even though I want Boise State to win.  I guess I will root for Alabama in the BCS Championship game against Texas.  Not because I like Alabama, but because the colors of Alabama are similar to the colors of my alma mater St. Thomas Francis University.  (Go STFU!)  My college even does the numbers on the helmet like Alabama does because “STFU” takes up too much space.

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Another Snowy Saturday

It’s days like today that makes me wonder if God wants me to be president.  This is the third consecutive Saturday with snow.  Events keep getting canceled or postponed.  There are a few adjustments I am making to my schedule:

  • No “Global Warming” events until after April 15.  It always snows when a global warming or climate change meeting is scheduled.
  • No flying to or from campaign events – Nothing is worse than being stuck at an airport because the airport is snowed in.  Sleeping at Logan Airport in Boston sucks.
  • Trips to Washington, DC will be limited to visiting my parents.  If I can sneak in some time, I will visit supporters like David.
  • Most of my campaign traveling will be done by rail.  Railroads tend to stay open longer than roadways.  That and there is usually a hottie by the train bar.

I will be in Washington, DC next weekend to visit my parents and Patricia for Christmas.  I got Patricia a special gift.  I will be spending a quiet New Year’s at home and watch football all New Year’s Day.

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Don’t Expect Much This Week

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is usually pretty slow in the world of politics.  Between college bowl games, family commitments, the “Hello Kitty” Meetup group tomorrow night, and feeling slightly under the weather, I will not have much to write the rest of the week.  I will keep an eye on the news and give commentary when needed.  Otherwise, have a Happy New Year.

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