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Brain Fart

I have been stumped on what to write.  I want to post an entry every day, but I want the blog to remain fresh.  When I was writing every day, it had been a rehash of something I had previously written.  When I was writing fresh material, it was in infrequent intervals.

The intervals have been more infrequent recently and I apologize for that.  Just as I think of something to write about my brain farts a silent-but-deadly and all thinking stops.  I will make it up to you next Friday.  Let me know what you think a presidential candidate should be discussing (but currently isn’t) and I will talk about it on my show on next Friday’s show at 11:00PM.

Don’t forget the show this Friday night when I will be shooting the breeze with my running mate Albee Thayer.  Feel free to call in tomorrow night at 11:00PM Eastern.

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