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Be Careful Who You Boycott

I have been encouraging boycotting the CineMafia for the last two years.  What I mean by “CineMafia” is any movie whose trailer or commercial is shown on television.  It has come to my attention that there are other entities that (for some strange reason), unashamedly call themselves “CineMafia” in one form or another despite having no affiliation with the CineMafia.  The irony is that the only CineMafia group that isn’t calling itself the “Cinemafia” is the Cinemafia I have been blogging about for the last two years.

Below are a list of organizations that call themselves “Cinemafia” that should not be boycotted and whose goods and services should be encouraged:

  1. Cinemafia Photography – The photography and writings of Alex Wichman.
  2. CineMafia – A video and animation company in Bulgaria.  My research has shown that not only have they no association with the CineMafia which has reeked havoc on American entertainment, but many of their videos are entertaining and are free to watch.
  3. CineMafia (The Band) – A band that plays music.
  4. CineMafia (Russia) – A Russian film organization.  Gives out “Georges”, the Russian version of the “Oscars”.
  5. CineMafia Logo Design – A logo design company.

Times are tough for everybody.  The last thing a company needs is to be boycotted because of actions of others bearing their names.  I urge you to support the “CineMafia” companies listed above as well as other companies not listed that are not connected to the Motion Picture Association of America.


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