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The Next Debate #gopdebate

I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to the next debate.  Though there hasn’t been any mentioning of the debate on the news yet, it will be held on August 23, 2011 (A week from Tuesday) in Manchester, UK.  All of the other candidates have been invited.  If you plan to attend the debate live, I should note that the rime of the debate in Manchester will be Wednesday at 1:00AM.  This is to allow Americans to see the debate live on TV.  No TV station has announced that they will air the debate yet, but I am sure someone will between now and then.

The reason why this debate will be held outside the United States is because Britons want to hear for themselves what the next leader of the Free World stands on the issues that affect them.  I also understand that the British want to know what the candidates plan to do to allow Brits to vote for the leader of the Free World.

I am looking forward to the debate and feel confident I can win the Free World over.  As the great American philosopher Pat Benetar said, “Hit me with your best shot!  Fire away!”


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The Trip Begins

I am at my undisclosed hotel room in London.  Preparations are being made to get petitions for Londoners to sign to allow them to vote for President and have their vioces heard in who gets to be the leader of the free world.  Since London is considered part of the free world (despite the 4382 street cameras I counted between Heathrow Airport and the hotel I am staying at 2 miles away), it is only fair that they get to vote for the leader of the free world.

My London campaign manager is a man with a deep British accent.  I think he said his name is Goh Da’ell.  he must be part French.  He also said my “bassted” was bloody, but I don’t know what a bassted is and I couldn’t find blood anywhere on me.

It is almost midnight according to the alarm clock here.  It is only 7PM on my watch.  I will fix the alarm clock before I leave tomorrow.

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Sometimes You Need to Rant


This is an anti-American rant from somebody in England.  He or she doesn’t like that the president pardons a turkey every Thanksgiving.

Let me tell you about British elitism.  but before I do, I will tell you this little tidbit.  There are only two societies in the world where incest occurs at an alarming rate.  In America, we call them “hicks”, in Great Britian, they’re called, “royalty.”

It seems that things are going so slow in the British news cycle that people there are watching our president pardon a turkey.  They claim they don’t like Americans, but they can’t get enough of America in their newscasts.  It’s not that we in the States are too stupid to know that Gordon Brown is their prime minister.  It’s that we don’t care.

I am deeply disturbed at the American media’s obsession over royal inbreds and I wish it would stop.  What the “Royal Family” does has little to do with international affairs and much to do with pomp and fluff.

Note to rants like the one who posted the article I am referring to:  We know that some aspects of American culture leaves much to be desired.  However; your poop also reeks.

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Attention Non-Americans!

Americans like to think that the U.S. President is the leader of the “Free World.” In spite of this, non-Americans have no say in who gets to be the leader of the free world. I want to change that, but I will need your help. I need you and all of your friends (and most of your enemies) to mail a letter and a ballot to the U.S. Department of State. The letter should read something like this: Continue reading

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