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You Lie!

I believe the President has lied a few times so far tonight.  While his Pinocchio nose is smaller than Clinton or Nixon’s, it is larger than Both Bush’s noses and Carter’s combined.

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Improving Schools

Obama’s idea is rewarding success instead of failure.  Bush claimed to have the same plan, as did Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford and Nixon.  Maybe we should have a plan that rewards failure instead of success so that our schools do better.

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Read Before Accusing Me

Iraqi journalist hurls shoes at ‘dog’ Bush.

People have been assuming that just because the shoes thrown at President Bush were a size 10, that I was the person who threw the shoes.  This is not the truth.  I don’t have shoes.  I was not in Baghdad, where the press conference took place.  And if I did have shoes, they would be more stylish than the pair thrown at President Bush.

I think the person who threw the shoes was misunderstood.  He might have gotten President Bush confused with me.  I was the candidate who wanted to walk in other people’s shoes.


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Sometimes You Need to Rant


This is an anti-American rant from somebody in England.  He or she doesn’t like that the president pardons a turkey every Thanksgiving.

Let me tell you about British elitism.  but before I do, I will tell you this little tidbit.  There are only two societies in the world where incest occurs at an alarming rate.  In America, we call them “hicks”, in Great Britian, they’re called, “royalty.”

It seems that things are going so slow in the British news cycle that people there are watching our president pardon a turkey.  They claim they don’t like Americans, but they can’t get enough of America in their newscasts.  It’s not that we in the States are too stupid to know that Gordon Brown is their prime minister.  It’s that we don’t care.

I am deeply disturbed at the American media’s obsession over royal inbreds and I wish it would stop.  What the “Royal Family” does has little to do with international affairs and much to do with pomp and fluff.

Note to rants like the one who posted the article I am referring to:  We know that some aspects of American culture leaves much to be desired.  However; your poop also reeks.

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Pardoning the Turkey

President Bush partook in a time-honored tradition of pardoning a turkey.  I would like to pardon a turkey, also.  The turkey I have decided to pardon this year is Alan Keyes.  While Alan Keyes and I have several philosophical difference (especially with the stickler over who should be president), he has a small, but loyal following.  Both supporters are already working on Keyes’s 2012 campaign.

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Ahmnodt’s Lolz

via Ahmnodt’s Lolz

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Some Tidbits I Learned This Week

President Bush told us not to panic but came up with a $700 billion panic bill to save Wall Street.

If somebody is a terrorist when you are eight years old, it’s ok to hang out at his house and raise money for your campaign.

Joe Six-Pack is a plumber.  That can explain why my bathroom sink leaks and my toilet doesn’t flush.

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