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Back to the Airwaves

Join me on Tuesday, December 4 aat 11:00PM Eastern / 8PM Pacific (10AM December 5 in Calcutta) as I return to BlogTalk Radio with a LIVE show!  I will be talking about the failures of my 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns and discuss what needs to be done differently if I am to win in 2016.

Ahmnodt Heare makes his long awaited return to BlogTalkRadio to discuss what went wrong with the 2012 campaign as well as explain why 2016 will be better. 

I will post the number to call the day of the show.  The number is dedicated specifically to the show and you won’t be able to reach the campaign by calling that number.  You can reach the campaign (but not the show) by calling 1-507-AHMNODT.

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I Need Help Tonight

Testing for my upcoming video show resumes tonight at 8:00PM Eastern.  I will need at least two people for the test.  One person to call in the number I will broadcast during the show.  I will need another person to listen and make sure that the caller can be heard clearly.

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Ahmnodt The Man

Tonight’s radio show will feature who I am and why I am running for President.  The show starts at 11:00PM Eastern / 9:00 PM Mountain.

Ahmnodt Heare will tell America who he is, why he is running for President, and the influences in his life. Call-in 1 (347) 945-7487 during the show and ask Ahmnodt anything you want.

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Radio Show Tonight!

I will be giving an update on campaign events and happenings including my recent ordeal in Iran.  I will also take calls from listeners.  The number to call is: (347) 945-7487. The show will be from 10:30PM Eastern to 11:00PM Eastern (Unless people are calling in, then it will be extended until 11:30PM Eastern.)


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Show Prep

I have been doing a lot of show prep for tonight’s radio show.  Although I expect people will call in, I cannot automatically assume that will be the case.  I have to have a show in case there is a switchboard malfunction or if people become so enamored by my presence that they become too shy to call.

Some advice about those who are shy.  Don’t be.  It is very important that you call in tonight.  The phone number is: (347)-945-7487.  There is also a “click to talk” button in the chat room.

I forgot to mention I have a chat room dedicated to my radio show.  The chat room is open starting fifteen minutes before every show.  If you go early, you will get a sneak peak on what makes the radio show so successful.  Topics before the show include, “Which Jonas Brother would you drop on Tehran or Ottawa?”  and, “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, will the Sierra Club get mad?”

Tonight’s show is all about the voters and what is what on their minds.  So if you are a voter and you have a mind, please join my show this evening at 10:00PM Eastern/ 7:00PM Pacific (11:30 Newfoundland).

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Ahmnodt Listening to You

Presidential Candidate for President Ahmnodt Heare will dedicate an entire hour taking calls from listeners on his next radio show.  The show will air live Wednesday night at 10PM Eastern/ 9 Central/ 8 Mountain/ 7 Pacific.  The number to call into the show is (347)-945-7487

Catch the archives of previous calls here:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ahmnodt-Heare

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