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A Campaign Day in Haiku


I got out of bed

And did my business so that

The dog could do his.


Eggs on a hard roll

Coffee and a Budweiser

Breakfast for a champ.


Watched the morning news

Wondering what’s happening

I still do not know.


Headed into town

To hand out literature

Of campaign issues


Literature snatched

Because cops hate my permit

The First Amendment


Talked to movie fans

And told them all about the



Went to the diner

And discussed my health care plan

“An Apple A Day.”


Went to hardware store

Rebuilding America

One nail at a time.


The Supermarket

Prices are so expensive

Shoplifting’s still free.


Walked the dog again

He did his business outside

Not on the carpet.


On-air interview

Canceled at the last minute.

One less thing to do.


Went to grab a beer

The bottles were all empty

From hearty breakfast.


“Family Guy”‘s on

I can’t watch them Sunday nights

Sunday Night Football.


Time to make dinner

Still have turkey leftover

From Thanksgiving night.


Talking to masses

Can be very difficult

With glitches abound.


Fixing the glitches

But the masses had all left

Will try again soon.


Enough of this day

Tomorrow will be better

Now I’m off to bed.


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Upcoming Podcasts

The radio podcasts for the rest of November are set.  It includes a plan to get the word out about my campaign (and how you can help without doing much), reasons why I am giving thanks during this tough economic time, and an encore podcast that will include live chat.

All podcasts start at 9PM Eastern.  The next two are live and you can call in with your questions and comments at 1-347-945-7487 during the show.  Chat will be available and live during all three shows.

Tuesday November 16 – Hitting the Streets –  It will soon be time for the campaign to hit the streets. This show will give the details on where and how to campaign in the streets in your community. For additional details, check out https://ahmnodtheare.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/wanted-precinct-managers.

Tuesday November 23 – Ahmnodt Thankful – 2010 has been a tough year for many Americans, including Ahmnodt Heare. Despite the tough times, Ahmnodt has a lot to be thankful for. He will share what he is thankful for and will take calls because he is thankful when people listen to the show.

Tuesday November 30 – Ahmnodt Heare (An Atrocity of Hope) – (From May 11, 2008) – Discover what a country with Ahmnodt Heare as President would be like.  There will be a discussion of the implications of his policies on America. (60 minute show with live chat).  Featured BlogTalk Radio Host Olivia Wilder called the show with encouragement and concerns with parts of my platform and the direction my campaign was heading.

These shows will show what separates me from your typical presidential candidate.  Be sure to listen to every exciting episode!

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My Mexican Counterpart

I am pleased to see others running for office with a platform similar to mine.  One such candidate is running for President of Mexico.  She wants to clean up the CineMafia in her country as well as similar plans like planting apple trees throughout Mexico as part of her health care plan.

Noes Toiaquí and I both started out from nowhere.  But as people have grown weary as business as usual, people are looking for people like Noes and me to change things.  Together, we can make things better for North America.

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My 400th Post

This is my 400th posting to this blog.  I have addressed everything from the issues and campaigning to lighter topics like the Toronto Maple Leafs and war.

Approximately 70 posts were one or two sentence posts that were answers I gave in real time to debates I was not invited to participate.

Other accomplishments:

Total views: 9,505

Busiest day: 851 — Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Posts: 400

Comments: 250

Categories: 39

Tags: 1,029

Thank you for joining the journey to a better tomorrow.

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If Only Michelle Obama Knew

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm can’t run for president, but she could still end up in Washington next year.

President-elect Barack Obama tapped the Democratic governor several times during his campaign to talk about the need to create new alternative energy jobs as traditional manufacturing jobs disappear.

Maybe if I tapped Governor Granholm a few times, I could have been president.

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An Encouraging Sign

Sometimes when I am campaigning, I wonder if my message is resonating with people.  I was deeper in doubt when the election results were announced and none of the stations mentioned my name.

I was delighted to hear the news from Derrick and Lanna Ether.  Lanna gave birth to a baby boy on Thursday.  His name is Ahmnodt Heare Ether.

I wish all the best for the Ether family and a healthy life for little Ahmnodt.

In case you want to name your child or pet “Ahmnodt”, you should know that Ahmnodt means “Traveling one’s own path.”

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I am Thankful

I would like to thank all of the manufacturing companies for causing global warming.  I am campaigning in Northwest New Jersey today, where one-to-three inches of snow are expected.  I could only imagine how much snow we would have on this October afternoon if it wasn’t for global warming.

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