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Me vs Them – Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen should not be a political issue.  But just in case they plan on making him a political issue, I already have counterpoints.

If Michele Bachmann was to accuse him of being sexist because of his “goddesses” I would say they are goddesses and are placed on a pedestal.  If Newt Gingrich was to say that Charlie Sheen’s life is morally bankrupt, I would counter by stating that at least he never had soldiers die for oil.  And since it’s Newt, I’ll add that while Charlie might have had a fling or two, he didn’t cheat on his wife while she had cancer like Newt did.

I don’t know what beef President Obama has with Mr. Sheen, but I would like to remind the President that Charlie Sheen voted for him in 2008.  That was only because my 2008 campaign sucked Donkey Kong.  My 2012 campaign is growing leaps and bounds.  While my television exposure has been limited to a couple of tweets read on TV and other mentions of me limited to subliminal advertising, the campaign continues to grow by word-of-mouth and by celebrity endorsements.

This post is part of the “Me vs. Them” series.  Come back often to see the entire series.


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Latest Poll Results

Last week I had a poll asking three questions.  The first question asked how people found my website.  The second issue dealt with issues affecting you.  The final question asked the party affiliation of the presidential candidate you plan on voting for in 2012.

Half of the people polled found my website in a way not mentioned in the poll,  For some reason, I do not have access to the “other” written in responses.  It was a three-way tie for second place between Telepathy, Link, and Search Engine.  Nobody found this site by word-of-mouth.  I encourage to yell your friends who do not have internet and computers to check out this blog.

The second question showed how different people have different things affecting their lives.  As many people were affected by Charlie Sheen as the economy and the budget.  More people cared than did people who cared about war or the Cinemafia.  (Though I think more people will care about the Cinemafia in due time.)

I am encouraged by the results of the last poll.  Nobody plans to vote for a Republican and only one person plans to vote for a Democrat (but only if I am the Democrat.)  People will vote for either an Independent or a third-party candidate.  I am guessing the third party is the Oudda-Heare Party.

I will be back on the campaign trail this weekend.  Campaign details will be announced on my new website tomorrow.

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Campaign Polls

This is something I will do a couple times a year.  I am going to ask a few poll questions so my campaign can keep a pulse on the heartbeat of America.  The campaign will not be collecting any personal information in the poll.  You may send your personal information (Name, address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, and social security number) to ahmnodtheare-at-politician-dot-com.


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My Take on Recent Events

Things are happening all the time.  I will take some time and explain some of the things going on in the world:

Middle East: There have been protests and uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen.  Contrary to some reports, these protests are not the result of protesters wanting me to be their president.  (Although eleven people from Egypt have visited my site, the most recent visitor was January 27.)

Wisconsin: Both Scott Walker and the unions are missing the point here.  The bottom line is that the children of Wisconsin are not learning the skills they will need as adults.  Any money spent on education is wasted if children aren’t learning.

Charlie Sheen: I am proud to have hopped upon the #teamsheen bandwagon.  My campaign needs an infusion of tiger blood.  An endorsement from someone who preaches winning would be awesome.  I just hope that Charlie Sheen doesn’t run for President.

Gay Marriage: It is ironic that many of the people who oppose that peopke oppose gay marriage on religious grounds when one considers that because homosexuals can not legally marry eacher, they are compelled to live in sin by shacking up.

Gas Prices: Gas prices have risen over 30 cents in the past two weeks mostly due to speculation.  If we all speculate that things will be fine, it will lower gas prices.

I will try to make this a weekly type of posting so that people will have a fresh insight into how I see things.  Feel free to share this post on Facebook and Twitter so others can be educated in current events.

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