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Ahmnodt Heare for President – Debate Chat

10/11/12: The archives from the vice-presidential debate will be here until hours before the next presidential debate.

10/3/12:  This is the archive from the chat from the October 3, 2012 debate that took place in Denver.  The archive will remain until the vice-presidential debate on October 11.

If you are seeing this from my blog, more recent blog entries are below.  If you are reading this from the chat room, feel free to visit my blog and see how I would improve America and be a better choice for America than either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

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Getting Nervous

The debate is about to begin and I am getting nervous.  It’s not that I am not well prepared for the debate, but a few other issues.  One is that there won’t be many people in my chat room to hear my debate answers (http://ahmnodt.chatango.com/)  Those who do show up in the chat room will probably also be participating in a debate drinking game.

I had problems with the debates in 2008 and I don’t want to repeat those.  The first debate was fine and many people who heard me thought I had beaten both Obama and McCain.  The second one was a disaster because my last dog got sick early in the debate (Soon after McCain gave his first answer.) She died from cancer a few months later.  The dog I have now is her son from her only litter (nine puppies in all).  The third debate was the night the laxatives I took four nights earlier finally decided to kick in.

Barring incident, I will be in chat for the entire debate.  I hope to see you there!

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Watch Me Live Here Tonight!

I will be giving live commentary to President Obama’s “State of the Union” Address tonight.  If it happens to between 9:00PM and 10:40PM Eastern and click the video below, you will be watching me LIVE!.

You can either join the chat where I will also be fielding questions and giving shoutouts or you can leave a comment below.  I will be checking this page from time to time and also after the speech to answer questions and comments.

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Speech or Debate? (And Other Questions)

President Obama will be revealing his latest job plan next Wednesday at 8:00PM Eastern (5:00 PM Pacific).  At the same time, Republican presidential candidates will be debating in South Carolina (Or Idaho, I get those states confused.)  I will watch one live and summarize the other the following day in this blog.

As a man of the people, I will let the people choose which they want me to discuss live and which they prefer I summarize the following day.  Below are some poll questions that will help me make an informed decision.  The poll questions will include “other” as an option.  If you choose “other”, please reply in the comments of this blog as well as the question you are answering.



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The Chat Room

There is now a chat room for supporters to meet to discuss the campaign and other things.  Below are a few simple steps needed to join in on the fun:

  1. Download X-Chat 2 for Windows.
  2. Install the program on your computer.
  3. Run the program.
  4. Pick out your nickname.
  5. Underneath the nickname selections, you will see a list of networks.  Go to “WorldNet”. (This will take about a minute to connect.)
  6. You will see a pop-up window.  Type in “AhmnodtHeare2012” for the room name next to the # symbol.
  7. Enjoy the chat!

I will be in the chat room Monday from 7 to 8PM Eastern.  I will also use the chat room for radio shows.

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