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Shame on the First Couple!

This was supposed to be a great day for my daughter Patricia and her mother.  Patricia was one of the children who was chosen to have a story read by President and Mrs. Obama on the White House’s south lawn.  I would have been there, but I had to work today.

I received a text message from Patricia’s mother that said, “Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom!”  I thought she sent the text message to me when it should have gone to her boyfriend.  I replied back, “You sent the text to the wrong person. LOL.  This is Ahmnodt.”

I was working on a budget proposal for a project when I received another text:  “No No Ahmnodt!  The Obama’s are reading this to children!”

The Cinemafia has had a sordid history of encouraging child pornography.  I had been reluctant until now of calling President Obama a Cinemafioso.  I don’t like to call names unless I have the evidence to back up my claim.  Today I have that evidence.

“What is the name of the story they are reading?”  I texted.

“Where the Wild Things Are!”


I already said I don’t like to make accusations without presenting proof.  The proof is in the video below.  It was bad enough that the Obama’s read this to children.  President Obama had the audacity to post this on the WhiteHouse YouTube page!

President Obama, quit supporting child pornography and the Cinemafia now!  Children are not sex objects!

The Obama family shamelessly reading “Where the Wild Things Are” to children and saying “Chicka-chicka-boom-boom!”


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