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Shame on the First Couple!

This was supposed to be a great day for my daughter Patricia and her mother.  Patricia was one of the children who was chosen to have a story read by President and Mrs. Obama on the White House’s south lawn.  I would have been there, but I had to work today.

I received a text message from Patricia’s mother that said, “Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom!”  I thought she sent the text message to me when it should have gone to her boyfriend.  I replied back, “You sent the text to the wrong person. LOL.  This is Ahmnodt.”

I was working on a budget proposal for a project when I received another text:  “No No Ahmnodt!  The Obama’s are reading this to children!”

The Cinemafia has had a sordid history of encouraging child pornography.  I had been reluctant until now of calling President Obama a Cinemafioso.  I don’t like to call names unless I have the evidence to back up my claim.  Today I have that evidence.

“What is the name of the story they are reading?”  I texted.

“Where the Wild Things Are!”


I already said I don’t like to make accusations without presenting proof.  The proof is in the video below.  It was bad enough that the Obama’s read this to children.  President Obama had the audacity to post this on the WhiteHouse YouTube page!

President Obama, quit supporting child pornography and the Cinemafia now!  Children are not sex objects!

The Obama family shamelessly reading “Where the Wild Things Are” to children and saying “Chicka-chicka-boom-boom!”


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The Cinemafia Has Infected Television

The Cinemafia had kept its damage to the movie industry until recently.  Any damage it had done to the music and television industries had been subtle and I apologize for not addressing those issues sooner.

Last week MTV premiered a show called “Skins.”  This show has all of the makings of a Cinemafia production.  Underage children drinking, doing drugs, and frolicking naked has no business in the entertainment industry.  None.

To the credit of most major advertisers, they have been pulling their ads from “Skins”.  People do not want to see naked children doing drugs and having sex.  If we see a pup-tent shaking in a teenager’s bedroom, we want it to be because there is an earthquake, not because there two underage children are re-enacting “Afternoon Delight.”

Kudos to Wrigley Gum, H&R Block, and Subway for pulling their ads from the show.  They are all fine organizations and their spokespeople have apologized for sponsoring the first show.  I can understand this.  As somebody who works in marketing and advertising, I know there is a certain assumption that my clients have in where their products are advertised.  They expect that television shows will not be viewing shows containing child pornography.

I do not know which companies are planning to advertise on “Skins”.  I won’t know first hand as I have no intention of watching doped up naked children just to find out who to boycott.  If you know who is still running ads on “Skins”, please leave a comment below.  I’d boycott MTV altogether, but J-Woww is a hottie.  She’s also over the age of 18.

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