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Attention Winston-Salem

If you live in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, check out Barnhill’s soon.  Barnhill’s is a bookstore that also sells wines and has wine-tastings of the finest North Carolina wines.  Displays from area artists will also be featured.  Book authors will be stopping by to sign books including Claire Collins.

Be sure you tell the staff that Ahmnodt Heare sent you!


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Revised Picks for Cabinet

NOTE: Some are left blank.   Some revisions have been made since my original picks.  Be sure to check this page often as I fill my cabinet.

President: Ahmnodt Heare

Vice-President: Pamela Villars

Secretary of State: David _______

Chief of Staff: Claire Collins

Press Secretary: “Gryphon” Aerie

Secretary of Commerce: Oprah Winfrey

Secretary of the Interior: Martha Stewart

Secretary of Energy: Matthew Lesko

Secretary of Defense: Mike Singletary

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Secretary of Education: George W. Bush

Secretary of the Treasury: Dennis Kozlowski

I would also make picks in the following:

Federal Reserve Chair: Bernie Madoff

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations : Alex Jones

U.S. Ambassador to France: Mike Lansing

NBA Commissioner: Isiah Thomas

Note:  Offices and Prospects in italics were added on February 4, 2010.

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Hopping Around

I don’t just blog, I read other people’s blogs as well.  I like to know what is going around in the lives of average Americans.  I also like to know what is going on with the elderly, Canadians, and other interesting people.  Sometimes, I will leave replies to their blog postings.

Instead of searching the entire Internet for my blog replies, there is a service called “Backtype” that compiles every reply to every blog I have  ever made (including my own.)  My replies are listed here:  Please check it out.  Yoou will get a deeper understanding as to who I am and why I am running for President.

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